Spiced carrot and chickpea salad

spiced carrot and chickpea salad

Yippee! Autumn has finally rolled in and I’m celebrating with a little dance and a spiced carrot and chickpea salad (I know, I rock haaaard 😉 ). At its warm, sun-low-in-the-sky spectrum (as opposed to wet and cold), autumn is probably my favourite time of the year. I mean summer IS beautiful, especially in this part of the world, but when you cook for a living, hot weather isn’t your best friend. You are in this weird space between not wanting to bake anything (as putting an oven on is torture) and having things like chocolate or ice-cream melt quicker than it takes you to set the camera up. Sure, you can get through summer on salads alone, but it does eventually get a bit boring and samey samey. Autumn, on the other hand, makes cooking such a pleasant past time. It makes me reach for the spices more, which happen to go so well with seasonal vegetables. This salad is therefore a sign of things to come, I hope you’ll like it as much as I do 🙂 !

Wagamama’s yasai chilli men

Some time ago, I made Duncan's favourite Wagamama dish and it went down a storm with so many of you that today I've decided to tackle one of mine - yasai chilli men - oodles of soba noodles with

Pumpkin kibbeh

Even though we still haven't said goodbye to summer in these parts (we were on the beach this past weekend), pumpkins have already made an appearance on our green grocer's shelves. As I'm a massive

Asian vermicelli salad with peanuts

This Asian vermicelli salad with crushed peanuts is pretty much what we've been living on for the entire summer. As its still pretty hot here (so much so that I'm planning to top up my tan on

Vegan black bean tacos

Ladies and gentlemen, it's taaaaaco time! 'Why?' you ask... 'Cos it's Tuesday and Taco Tuesday is apparently a thing, although not in the part of the world I'm from. But I love tacos and have nothing

Vegan tarte tatin

Now that autumn is finally here, we have a classic French recipe to share with you: vegan tarte tatin. This dish marries up apples, autumn spices and brandy and presents them on a deliciously flaky

Aubergine involtini with vegan ricotta

As you may have noticed, I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to cooking. I like to cherry-pick aspects of different cuisines and twist them a fair amount for my own recipes. Unless you are one of

Vegan ricotta cheese

This is my first cheese recipe, but there will be more, promise! Before I went vegan, cheese was something I didn't think I would be able to live without, but it turns out I was wrong. I craved it a