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caper butter cauliflower pasta close up

Caper ‘butter’ and caramelised cauliflower pasta

I’m continuing with my Italian-inspired theme today and made a bowl of light pasta for lunch. It’s easy to make and a pleasure to eat! It features a combination I remember well from my childhood – cauliflower garnished with crispy breadcrumbs (and melted butter – bad vegan!). Did your mum used to make cauliflower like this too? Even though I like the original combination, this cauliflower is a bit more exciting as instead being boiled to within an inch of its life, it is nicely charred on a griddle pan and seasoned with smoked salt to reinforce subtle BBQ flavours. It […]
summer Panzanella salad close up

Summer Panzanella salad

So yesterday was summer solstice, the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, which is funny to me as it really feels like Greece got the memo way earlier than the rest of Europe. We’ve gone from nice’n’hot to hot’n’unbearable in the last few days… After over 10 years of very underwhelming English summers, I’m generally loving warm Greek weather but this week I’m finding going about my day-to-day tasks a massive challenge – so much so that I have this strong urge to join my cat, Tina, in lying on a cold marble floor all day…Not that I’ve […]
vegan chocolate crepes with hazelnut filling and strawberries

Vegan chocolate crêpes with hazelnut filling and strawberries

For some reason, I’ve been craving crêpes big time lately. They are not the kind of food I often eat, approximately once a year is enough, but they do remind me of being a child so I get this nostalgic craving from time to time. You may remember my recent post about the wonders of aquafaba, which is my go to egg replacer. Well, I used it in these crêpes too and, once again, it passed the test with flying colours. These crêpes turned out beautifully thin and soft with crispy edges. They are easy to make and super versatile […]
rice stir fry with spicy tofu

Red rice stir-fry with spicy tofu + an announcement

I was planning to make a cake for today as we have something to celebrate, but the weather was soooo lovely over the weekend that I failed to go fruit and veg shopping in time and had to make a meal from what I had in my fridge instead. I know, I sacrificed food for a fresh layer of tan – outrageous 😉 . Instead, I made a simple vegetable stir-fry with spicy tofu and red Thai rice. It may not have the fireworks of the cake I was planning on, but it’s a filling and healthy dish that makes […]

Homemade aquafaba – vegan egg replacer

If you’ve visited my blog a few times, the chances are that you’ve heard of aquafaba – a miraculous plant-based egg replacer – as I’m in love with its amazing properties and use it often. If this is the first time you hear about it, here goes: aquafaba is a legume cooking liquid that has been discovered to emulate egg whites. If you would like to read up more about this discovery and the science behind it, check out this informative website set up by the people who discovered that what we all used to chuck down the drain is, […]
vegan matcha coconut tarts cross section

Vegan matcha coconut tarts

Hey, have you guys cooked with matcha yet? I must admit that living on a small island, I’m slightly behind the curve and have only just managed to get my hands on this luminous green powder. I had a vague memory of eating a matcha flavoured cake when I was in Australia many years ago and I couldn’t remember if I liked it or not, so I was a little bit nervous about ordering it as it isn’t cheap. Once it arrived, I tried it hastily and it’s official – my taste buds are in love!
noodle salad with sesame dressing mixed

Rice noodle salad with sesame dressing

Once again, Greece has done what it does best. It turned out plenty of beautifully sunny, still days which are designed to be spent on the beach and since I’m on an island, I’m truly spoilt for choice here. Cooking in this hot weather is a bit less enjoyable than normal so I’m all over quick, easy and ideally cold dishes. This one totally fits the bill. There is no real cooking involved and it comes together pretty quickly. Thanks to vermicelli noodles, this vegetable and seaweed salad becomes substantial enough to satisfy post-beach hunger. It’s also quite refreshing and […]

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