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vegan pasta alla bolognese

Vegan pasta alla bolognese

Today’s dish is a little bit more on the hearty side yet still super summery, bursting with flavours of sun-drenched tomatoes and basil. This is my attempt at the famous pasta alla bolognese vegan-style. It’s easy to put together, super filling and ideal after a hardcore workout if you or someone you feed happens to be a bit of a fitness enthusiast (looking at you, Duncan) or a gym bunny. All three key components – wholemeal pasta, lentils and walnuts provide plenty of plant-based protein, which aids the muscle recovery process and puts the minds of those who constantly ask […]
veggie quinoa sushi close up

Veggie quinoa sushi

This is what happens when a girl is left on her own – she tries to make every dish healthier than it needs to be. Actually, it’s a lie! Ideally, I would stuff my face with a number of desserts, the ideas for which have been mulling around in my head, but I’m on a self-imposed sugar exile for two weeks as my sweet cravings were getting a bit out of control. It’s hard, man. I wish I didn’t have a sweet tooth! So to occupy my brain with something else, I decided to make sushi rolls with quinoa! My […]
middle eastern cauliflower rice salad close up

Middle Eastern cauliflower rice salad

Tina (the cat) and I are on our own for the next two weeks as Duncan has set off to conquer the hills of Crete on his road bike. While I admire him from a distance, I’m quietly happy that I don’t have to put myself through anything that strenuous at the height of summer weather, especially that Crete has a reputation for absolutely relentless heat, even amongst the Greeks. I’ve decided that this is a perfect opportunity to cook and eat more salads and healthy stuff and learn some yoga poses that I’ve been terrible at. Until now, whenever […]
vegan black cherry chocolate mousse

Vegan black forest chocolate mousse

I know, I know…I’ve been saying that it is way too hot for chocolate desserts these days, but it turns out that 6th of July was world chocolate day so this is a timely (almost) and a fitting tribute, don’t you think? With the aid of aquafaba magic, I created an airy black forest-inspired chocolate mousse that’s 100% vegan. This intensely chocolatey and creamy mousse goes super well with some drunken cherries and a small dollop of whipped coconut cream. It’s a pretty rich and decadent dessert so if you don’t have a massive sweet tooth, divide the mousse between […]
yasai katsu curry portion

Vegan katsu curry

Today’s dish is a hearty main inspired by Duncan’s favourite dish at Wagamama’s, an Asian fusion restaurant, where we used to dine quite often during our busy London life. I made a yasai katsu curry or veggie katsu curry, except that it contains no egg in the batter so really it’s a vegan katsu curry. Thick slices of juicy aubergine and sweet potato coated in panko breadcrumbs and shallow fried until crispy and golden brown are accompanied by an aromatic curry sauce, plain rice and a simple green salad. Vegan katsu curry is a bit of a treat as it’s […]
cherry almond bakewell tartlet

Vegan cherry bakewell tartlets

We are still in the middle of a summer heatwave here in Greece, so I was hoping to go without switching the oven on until it gets cooler (erm…October?), but cherries (one of my favourite fruits) are in season and I had to bake something with them! I love cherries and I love almonds and I’ve been wanting to make a cherry frangipane (or bakewell tarts as they’re known in the UK) for a while now. My first attempt was a bit scary – the frangipane mixture exploded during baking and then solidified into a sticky sugary lace all over […]
smoked maple tofu salad portion

Smoked maple tofu salad

My favourite flavours when summer strikes are definitely Asian flavours. I realise it is a generalisation really as Asian cuisine is one of amazing depth and breadth, but there are certain staple Asian ingredients like limes, chilli, ginger, soy sauce, spring onions, lemongrass, coriander, mint that scream summer to me and I like using them in hot summer months. Today’s dish is somewhat inspired by a TV show we’ve been passionately watching. Those of you who live in the UK are probably familiar with the entertaining pair of Hairy Bikers. The series we’ve just finished watching was called Asian Adventure, […]

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