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fennel pasta portion

Fennel pasta

When it comes to quick, impromptu meals, pasta is a true life saver! It is versatile, filling, comes together quickly and always tastes good. And no, I don’t agree with the opinion that it’s an unhealthy thing to eat – especially when prepared without lashings of butter, heaps of Parmesan or buckets of cream – not that I’ve ever been a fan of creamy pasta sauces anyway. Take this simple fennel pasta, for example. Apart from charred fennel, it gets its flavour from sweet Greek tomatoes, capers, olives and a handful spices. It’s vibrant and super tasty. It’s finished with […]
vegan baklava cigars and espresso

Vegan baklava cigars

Baklava is one of these things that I did not use to like until I came of age. When my gran brought it back from one of her travels to Turkey when I was young, I pronounced it ‘too sweet’ (can you believe it?) while shoving a handful of nasty, perfumed, artificially-coloured, heart-shaped sweets into my face. Classy, eh? 🙂 When I moved to London, I got to taste this Middle-Eastern treat again and fell in love with it immediately. I was lucky enough to live near one of the most famous baklava destinations and going out for a piece […]
fig and rocket salad

Fig and rocket salad with ouzo dressing

Contrary to what many tourists who descend on our little island might expect, August isn’t the nicest time to be here. Most of the locals know to clear out for this month as the island gets scorching hot, overcrowded and tempers run high. Last year, we took off for the whole of August as we took out tiny car with wind down windows and busted AC for a trip round Europe. It was madness and I’m not sure we will do it again but it was fun at the same time and the change of scenery definitely helped with island […]
single smoky white bean spread and nectarine crostini

Vegan crostini with smoky white bean spread and nectarine

The last few days have been so hot and windless that it feels like we will never ever feel cold again. As I am not great in extreme heat, I do my best to avoid any serious cooking until some decent breeze picks up (should be next week I’m being told). That’s why I went for a pretty simple recipe today – a plate of vegan crostini with smoky white bean spread, nectarine and balsamic glaze. Okay, I did cook the beans myself, but you could use tinned ones if you are not as particular I am 😉 . With […]
vegan mango ginger cheesecake cut slice

Vegan mango and ginger cheesecake

I’ve been reminiscing about how obscenely sweet and juicy the mangoes were when I spent a month with Duncan travelling around Australia. I was reconciled with the fact that my mango recipe ideas will have to wait until we move (not that fast, Ania!), okay, visit Australia or perhaps South-East Asia again. I mean, Greece has such an abundance of beautiful summer fruit that I wasn’t even that bummed, but I do happen to love mangoes so I was missing their flavour a fair bit. That was until I walked into our green grocers one day and saw a two […]
asian zoodles salad vegan miso dressing plate

Asian zucchini noodle salad with vegan miso dressing

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know that I am a big aficionado of Asian flavours, especially in summer. Unfortunately for me, living on a small (although insanely beautiful) Greek island isn’t amazing for getting Asian ingredients. Sometimes I really have to improvise a bit and mix what is readily available with whatever Asian seasoning I’m able to find here. As we are in the middle of summer, Greek nectarines and peaches are to die for right now and so I have decided to incorporate them into today’s dish. Last year, I rolled them up in […]
vegan chocolate pancakes with stewed cherries and syrup

Vegan chocolate pancakes with cherries

Do you remember the Black Forest Gateau inspired mousse I did a while ago? Since then, I’ve been racking my brains as to how I can incorporate the flavours of chocolate and cherries into a FAIRLY healthy breakfast before the season for my favourite fruit comes to an end 🙁 . I did it, guys! Allow me to introduce chocolate buckwheat pancakes with stewed cherries and a beautiful cherry syrup. They are ‘da bomb’. As a precaution, I made two and a half batches of these for the photo shoot and I found myself snacking on the extra ones so […]

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