Gluten-free banana muffins

glutenfree banana muffins close up

For the past 2.5 hours I have been travelling on a train from another era between Krakow and Warsaw, where I am flying back to Athens from. Our train experiences thus far have been amazing. We’ve had surprisingly seamless, fast, clean and quiet new generation trains at ridiculously low prices even though, in our usual style, we did wait till last minute with our ticket purchase. This final leg of our trip has been a bit of a trip down memory lane for me. This is what taking trains was like when I was little. An old, slow and rickety train with these strange sitting compartments with sliding doors that sit 8 people at a proximity that’s slightly too close for comfort.

Moroccan chickpea stew

I'm sitting in front of a crackling fireplace at my parents' house in Poland, as I write this. It's been extremely cold around these parts lately and even though I obviously grew up here, after years

Vegan red pepper pasta

This vegan red pepper pasta will always remind me of Greece. When we first moved here we used to live on a slight variation of this dish as I was smitten with the local combination of red peppers and

Warm buckwheat and beetroot salad

This recipe will make my mum happy. She is a big buckwheat fan and she keeps on telling me how healthy it is (she is right) and that I should come up with a buckwheat recipe. Relatively unknown in

Vegan winter salad

In most ways, being a food blogger is my dream job as I love pretty much everything it involves. After years of soul-destroying nine-to-five, I cannot believe that I finally get to call what I

Vegan blinis with red pepper relish

So much expectation and build-up and BAM! Christmas is over. Do you also feel like it's the anticipation of it that's sometimes more exciting than the event itself? Maybe it's just me...So those of

Merry Xmas + our video debut

Ho ho ho! Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas break, full of laughter, great food and great conversation devoid of tension ;) You arguments are the fabric of life! At least whenever my

Vegan Christmas salad

By now you are probably in the firm grasp of fully-fledged Xmas madness - running around like a headless vegan, buying last minute presents and doing last minute prep. I wondered what recipe would be