Sugar-free cinnamon rolls

sugar-free cinnamon rolls

I’ve always been a coffee person. I was born in Melbourne, which is a place of outstanding coffee so I’ve grown up loving the ritual of meeting friends in the cafe for coffee. Later in my life, when I had an irregular heart rhythm I was told that I wouldn’t ever be able to consume caffeine or alcohol for the rest of my life. Imagine that?!? My friends were devastated for me: “You can’t drink alcohol anymore? That is terrible! What are you going to do when you go out?” But the reality was that I missed the coffee way, way more. After one year of abstinence, when I had a successful procedure and I was given the all-clear to enjoy what I wanted, everyone expected me to go straight down the pub. In fact the first thing I did was to go out and have coffee and some cinnamon rolls. I still remember that moment vividly. This is why cinnamon buns and coffee have a special meaning for me, a celebration of a long drama ending but, more importantly, a celebration of coffee and the wonders that it brings! Today’s recipe is a sugar-free dedication to this wondrous urban ritual…

Vegan beet hummus

My recent foray into ravioli got me making and roasting beets for the ravioli filling and has inspired me to make vegan beet hummus again, something I love to eat but haven't made in a while (as I

Vegan brookies

How do you guys feel about 'brookies'? I know, when I first heard about them I was a bit like 'what?!?!', but after a very mindful sampling ;) , I'm totally in. If brownies and cookies were to fall in

Gluten-free ravioli with beetroot filling

Yes, I did publish a ravioli recipe last week, but today it is time for the sequel! Once I published pumpkin and vegan ricotta ravioli last Friday, all hell broke loose. I got inundated with questions

Vegan ravioli with pumpkin and ricotta

Autumn is here. The fields are heavy with pumpkins, there is a bit of a chill in the air and our cat, hardly ever to be seen in summer, keeps on sneaking into the house in search of a warm place to

Aubergine with bulgur wheat and tahini

I made no secret of the fact that aubergine, eggplant or mad apple (as it used to be referred to in the Middle Ages ;) ), is one of my favourite vegetables. I love its firm texture and its propensity

Onigirazu (sushi sandwich)

Calling all sushi lovers! Have you ever heard of onigirazu, also known as a sushi sandwich? As the name suggests, it's a love child of a western sandwich and a Japanese sushi roll. It's quite easy to

Spiced carrot and chickpea salad

Yippee! Autumn has finally rolled in and I'm celebrating with a little dance and a spiced carrot and chickpea salad (I know, I rock haaaard ;) ). At its warm, sun-low-in-the-sky spectrum (as opposed