Beet Wellington with balsamic reduction

'But what are you going to make at Christmas?' is a question I have heard a lot ever since I went vegan. An average person has trouble imagining a big family gathering - like Christmas or Thanksgiving

Vegan gingerbread cookies

As I make these gingerbread cookies in my kitchen, music playing in the background, cat sleeping on a chair next to me, Duncan working away at the computer, my mind travels to my childhood. When my

Rosemary fries with roasted garlic dip

Lately, my favourite midnight snack is crispy rosemary fries with a roasted garlic dip (me) or ketchup (Duncan, who says that his childhood motto was 'ketchup on everything'). I know, I know, eating

Vegan chocolate chilli muffins

As it's Friday today, my dearest readers, it's time for a little bit of indulgence and I happen to have a recipe that's perfect for the job! I made a tray of double (or actually triple) chocolate

Bento bowl with sesame tofu

A bento bowl consisting of crispy, sesame encrusted tofu, plain rice, stir-fried greens and Japanese-inspired pickles is our dinner du jour! As the island gets colder, windier and emptier by the day

Miso pumpkin soup

Paros is getting colder and windier by the day and as it's not exactly a social hub in winter. All I want to do is tuck myself under a blanket, a warm cat on my lap, watch my favourite shows and have

Vegan pierogi with coconut bacon

I don't know if you have ever had a chance to try Polish pierogi, but they are one of my favourite winter comfort foods, so I've decided that it is high time for this recipe. As I mentioned several

Gluten-free double chocolate banana bread

I made this double chocolate banana bread with my neighbour Suzie in mind. She is always happy to take any baked goods off my hands and loves chocolate and bananas. Her (cheeky ;) ) passing comment