Miso peanut butter fudge cups with quinoa

Hands up who likes peanut butter? Yes, just as I thought...How about chocolate? Yup, expected outcome. How about miso paste? If the last ingredient comes as a bit of a surprise, don't worry, I have

Gluten-free porridge with raspberries

I dedicate this simple recipe to my mum, who loves buckwheat and always reminds me to eat it on a regular basis - Hi Mum! Look, I AM eating buckwheat, I won't drop dead ;) . I typically use buckwheat

Tofu dengaku bowl

Is that sad that my mission in life is to veganise all 'veganisable' (is that even a word?) dishes there are out there, in the wide, wide world? I firmly believe that we can enjoy good food and be

Vegan meatballs (Moroccan-inspired)

As much as it pains me to say, one cannot live on chocolate mousse tarts alone, so today's recipe is a savoury, main meal affair. It's the kind of meal that lends itself to making a large amount of in

Gooey chocolate orange brownies

As you might have noticed, I have been quite restrained when it comes to desserts in January. At the beginning of the month, alarmed by the frequency and intensity of my 'taste testing', I vowed to

Pumpkin crostini with rocket pesto

Sometimes, necessity really is the mother of invention. As we were driving to get food shopping done for upcoming recipes, our car broke down on the busiest and most dangerous road on the island, in