Cappuccino vegan cups

I've been a massive coffee fan since I can remember. I think it must have started with my grandma and her deep love for coffee and ice-cream (ideally both at once!). Every time we would visit, she

Sugar-free cinnamon rolls

I've always been a coffee person. I was born in Melbourne, which is a place of outstanding coffee so I've grown up loving the ritual of meeting friends in the cafe for coffee. Later in my life, when I

Vegan beet hummus

My recent foray into ravioli got me making and roasting beets for the ravioli filling and has inspired me to make vegan beet hummus again, something I love to eat but haven't made in a while (as I

Vegan brookies

How do you guys feel about 'brookies'? I know, when I first heard about them I was a bit like 'what?!?!', but after a very mindful sampling ;) , I'm totally in. If brownies and cookies were to fall in

Gluten-free ravioli with beetroot filling

Yes, I did publish a ravioli recipe last week, but today it is time for the sequel! Once I published pumpkin and vegan ricotta ravioli last Friday, all hell broke loose. I got inundated with questions

Vegan ravioli with pumpkin and ricotta

Autumn is here. The fields are heavy with pumpkins, there is a bit of a chill in the air and our cat, hardly ever to be seen in summer, keeps on sneaking into the house in search of a warm place to

Aubergine with bulgur wheat and tahini

I made no secret of the fact that aubergine, eggplant or mad apple (as it used to be referred to in the Middle Ages ;) ), is one of my favourite vegetables. I love its firm texture and its propensity

Onigirazu (sushi sandwich)

Calling all sushi lovers! Have you ever heard of onigirazu, also known as a sushi sandwich? As the name suggests, it's a love child of a western sandwich and a Japanese sushi roll. It's quite easy to