Vegan winter salad

In most ways, being a food blogger is my dream job as I love pretty much everything it involves. After years of soul-destroying nine-to-five, I cannot believe that I finally get to call what I

Vegan blinis with red pepper relish

So much expectation and build-up and BAM! Christmas is over. Do you also feel like it's the anticipation of it that's sometimes more exciting than the event itself? Maybe it's just me...So those of

Merry Xmas + our video debut

Ho ho ho! Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas break, full of laughter, great food and great conversation devoid of tension ;) You arguments are the fabric of life! At least whenever my

Vegan Christmas salad

By now you are probably in the firm grasp of fully-fledged Xmas madness - running around like a headless vegan, buying last minute presents and doing last minute prep. I wondered what recipe would be

Beet Wellington with balsamic reduction

'But what are you going to make at Christmas?' is a question I have heard a lot ever since I went vegan. An average person has trouble imagining a big family gathering - like Christmas or Thanksgiving

Vegan gingerbread cookies

As I make these gingerbread cookies in my kitchen, music playing in the background, cat sleeping on a chair next to me, Duncan working away at the computer, my mind travels to my childhood. When my

Rosemary fries with roasted garlic dip

Lately, my favourite midnight snack is crispy rosemary fries with a roasted garlic dip (me) or ketchup (Duncan, who says that his childhood motto was 'ketchup on everything'). I know, I know, eating

Vegan chocolate chilli muffins

As it's Friday today, my dearest readers, it's time for a little bit of indulgence and I happen to have a recipe that's perfect for the job! I made a tray of double (or actually triple) chocolate