Vegan kimchi pancakes

About a couple of months ago, I had a go at making my first jar of kimchi. It was a fun experiment and something I can see myself getting into, despite managing to get chilli in my eyes - a lesson I

Vegan raspberry brownies

Dark chocolate and raspberries...What a heavenly combo! It is one of my personal favourites at least! As I have lived on an arid rock in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea (also known as Paros) for

Mexican beans on sweet potato toast

Here we go again, another Tuesday has rolled in. I am about to celebrate with a haircut - my fringe is so ridiculously long I cannot see anymore - and by catching some sun in my garden.

Vegan pulled mushroom tacos

How about a plate of deliciously smoky and juicy pulled mushroom tacos this weekend? Pulled what!? Mushrooms! No, I am not pulling your leg (sorry, could not help myself ;) ), promise. They are a

Vegan potato salad with pesto

Despite having been born in a country where the potato is king, I don't actually eat spuds very often. I guess it's because they are such a staple of the 'meat and two veg' kind of dinner and I