Vegan ravioli with broad beans

vegan ravioli broad bean filling portion

It’s been a while since I made ravioli. As broad beans (or fava beans as they are known in the US) have been in season here for a while now, I’ve decided that a batch of broad bean vegan ravioli would be a fitting tribute to the broad bean season. If they aren’t available where you live, I’m pretty sure you could use frozen green peas instead.

Sabih with spiced chickpeas

I've been ogling sabih in Yotam Ottolenghi's book Jerusalem for a while now, but I was missing some ingredients and so I never got round to making it.

Broccoli orecchiette with vegan bacon

Today's dish is a light yet satisfying pasta - an ideal midweek supper. It's my vegan take on orecchiette with broccoli and bacon, except that I could not find orecchiette anywhere on the island so I

Vegan pistachio frangipane tarts

I have a little treat for you today, guys! Cute and delicious pistachio frangipane mini tarts, which would also be a perfect treat for your mums, if you live in the parts of the world which celebrate

Vegan zucchini boats with quinoa

Today's recipe is a bit of a fusion dish - a result of chronic indecision, which has plagued me ever since I was a child ;) . As our weather is definitely on the summery side these days, our local veg

Pulled jackfruit tacos

After the success of my bao bun recipe, jackfruit has become a bit of an obssession...The trouble is, no one sells it here :( . There is one shop, which orders them for me, but as it takes a few weeks

Homemade Ferrero Rocher

I've been good for a while so I think it's time for a little indulgence, guys! A while ago a friend challenged me to make a vegan version of Ferrero Rocher truffles. I am a big fan of both chocolate