No-bake cereal bars

Happy Tuesday, boys and girls! I hope your week is peachy? We are excited as we are finally moving to our own (rented but still...) house this week. Duncan found a job he is very keen on and his

Vegan potstickers with oyster mushrooms

It's the weekend at last and if you enjoy cooking, a family vegan potsticker making session is a great way to spend your Saturday, especially when the weather does not entice you outside...

Vegan chickpea stew

Today's recipe is inspired by a dish that Tunisians tend to have for breakfast. It has a pleasantly alliterative name - LABLABI (I will forever be a language nerd) - and a mixture of spices I

Vegan scalloped potatoes

Happy Friday, guys! Hope you've had a peachy week and are ready to put your feet up? We certainly are! We've had a busy week but a good one...Well...Apart from an infuriating visit to an Apple store

Vegan brookies with peanut butter swirl

We are flat out looking for a new place to rent, which is proving challenging due to the fact that our little furry companion, Tina, isn't a valuable addition to a household in most landlords' eyes. I

Vegan masala dosa

After about 3 years of relative stability, we've decided to turn our lives upside down, pack our bags again and move to the other side (almost) of the world. So far, we've really been enjoying