Zucchini pasta sauce

zucchini pasta sauce close

As of Monday, we are officially out of lockdown here in the UK. At last!! Although I am quietly cautious. My hunch is that drinking (pubs are now open) is not conducive to minimising spread. Back when we lived in London, the pub was the one place where intoxicated I love yous and gestures of affection between colleagues and friends was quite commonplace on a Tuesday night – something that the virus must be rubbing its hands (spikes?) together at.

Vegan zucchini galette

Hope you guys have had a good week and are ready for the weekend! We certainly are. It was Duncan's birthday on Wednesday and we are having some friends over to celebrate, which we are looking forward

Vegan lemon cheesecake

Are you guys ready to put your feet up? I certainly am. This past week has been manic and we have had a big health scare, which turned out to be a false alarm luckily but it did stress us both out no

Vegan pastitsio (Greek lasagna)

Easter is coming and so I bet you are looking for a crowd pleasing dish, which whoever gathers around your table, vegan or not, would be happy to tuck into. I have one such dish for you and I

Vegan hot cross buns

In only just a week a lot of people in the UK will be sinking their teeth into hot cross buns, which are a quintessential Easter treat in this country. While I'm not big on Easter myself, I am big on

Homemade vegan chocolate with hazelnuts

Hazelnut chocolate has a special place in my heart. It's a bit of a fond childhood memory and so I've always loved it. It is difficult to get quality dairy-free hazelnut chocolate that doesn't skimp

Vegan hotpot with lentils and mushrooms

Aaaand...the weekend is here again... Is it just me or does there appear to be little difference between workdays and non workdays these days? Especially if you end up working on weekends like I often

Vegan slaw lunch bowl

'Our Accident and Emergency adventures' last week left me feeling a little anxious and overwhelmed and so I was really struggling with today's recipe. I had a few strong ideas and some test cooks