Vegan raspberry mousse – 4 WAYS

vegan raspberry mousse

If you’ve been reading my blog for long enough, you must know that I am massive fan of aquafaba and I use it in my cooking all the time. I first stumbled across it in 2015 and have experimented with it ever since. The vegan chocolate mousse video we did back in July 2015 went viral and I’ve since used it to make so many things I lost count, but its application to make delicate mousses that even non-vegans rave about still blows my mind.

Vegan eggplant parmigiana

In anticipation of two hot days kindly bestowed on us by the British weather system, I cranked my oven up and made a delicious summery dish - vegan eggplant parmigiana as it's typically eaten at room

Fennel pasta in creamy miso sauce

The first half of this week has gone by quickly for me. I have a new creative project on my hands and it's unrelated to cooking or photography, both of which I enjoy immensely but I also appreciate

Soba noodle salad with miso dressing

Happy hump day everyone! It's been a true hump day for me here. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I opened a can of worms. I had a feeling that this will become a much bigger thing that

Vegan spinach balls

Hope your week has been peachy thus far? We've been both busy working as we plan to take Friday off to go walking somewhere green and remote. Duncan has lots of leave that he needs to take before the