Vegan ramen with charred corn

vegan ramen charred corn hands

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I posted a poll asking if my followers are still keen to see some summer recipes or if I should wave goodbye to summer and embrace pumpkins. To my delight summer recipes won by quite a big margin. We’ve had a pretty mediocre summer here in the UK and being unable to travel abroad, I feel like I want to make the most of the September sun, which has been quite generous lately and that’s why I’m reluctant to part with the summer mode and summer produce just yet.

Vegan turmeric curry

I'm checking in really quickly to bring you a new recipe for a vegan turmeric curry with chickpeas and aubergines (eggplants). It's a very simple recipe and doesn't contain many photos as I am

Vegan white chocolate

I will make my today's post short and sweet (literally!!). I have been experiencing quite a lot of anxiety over the past few days and I therefore need to spend as much time away from the computer as

Vegan gozleme with cheesy mushrooms

Happy autumn guys. Hope the sunshine is shining for you today as brightly as it is for us. We didn't get to enjoy much sunshine this summer unfortunately but maybe at least the autumn skies will

Vegan granola cups with peanut caramel

The weekend is coming and I'm signing off with a small yet mighty peanut-butter flavoured treat. By the time you get to read this, I shall be in the beautiful surroundings of the picturesque Lake

Skordalia with roasted beetroots

Happy beetroot season everyone and if you are a beetroot fan, I have a treat for you today. Not a sweet one (although it does make luscious chocolate cake - see this recipe), but a treat all the same.

Vegan corn chowder with vegan chorizo

I've had to take a bit of time off recipe development as I had my vaccine on Sunday afternoon and I needed a few days to feel more human again. Luckily, this second jab wasn't as bad as my first but I

Vegan Victoria sponge

Happy weekend, guys! Hope you have some relaxing things planned? We are really excited as finally, after almost a month (we started on 2nd August), we will be able to take a proper shower tomorrow