Vegan katsu curry with tofu

vegan katsu tofu portion

Do you know that feeling of frustration at seeing something that you know can be great done badly? Well, that’s exactly how this dish came about. I found out through one of the vegan Facebook groups that a particular UK chain does a vegan tofu katsu. People were excited about it, so I got excited too, told Duncan (who loves that dish) and, without further ado, we went to check it out for ourselves.

Vegan fennel salad with walnut dressing

After the indulgence of Friday's lemon drizzle cake, it's time for a big green salad, guys! I'm one of those lucky souls that happens to like salad (imaginative salad, may I add - not the iceberg

Vegan lemon drizzle cake

In the last week and a half I transitioned from the Siberian cold that I've had to endure during my holiday in Poland, to an almost spring aura over here. I mean there is a bit of a chill in the air

Puy lentil salad with almond cheese

I'm finally home after my flight got cancelled last Tuesday due to a heavy snow fall all over Europe. I had a really good time at home, but I really started missing Duncan and Tina towards the end of

Vegan pulled pork bánh mì

Hello, I'm waving to you from icy Krakow. Okay, I'd better stick my hands into my pockets 'cos I cannot feel my fingers anymore...While severe winter weather does happen here occasionally, this year

Vegan tofu korma with greens

Greetings from crazily cold Poland, guys! As luck would have it, the moment I set my foot in Krakow the temperature dropped to an all new low. It oscillates around -8° C (17° F) during the day and

Miso tofu bowl

I've written before about being a visual eater. I've always been drawn to colour, ever since I was a child. I dreamt of going to an art school when I was younger, but never quite had the confidence to

Vegan parsnip soup with miso

How are you guys doing? Hope you enjoyed your weekend? We spent most of ours working, but we managed to sneak out to the cinema (you might have seen our Insta stories) to see 'Lady Bird' (which I