Vegan peanut brittle

vegan peanut brittle shards

Long time no hear! I’m so happy to be back up and running and to be able to bring you a new recipe. The reason for my absence was twofold. Firstly, we went away to the Pembrokeshire coast for a few days during the week and it was so lovely. We really lucked out and had amazing weather for the entire trip. We managed to do two (10km and 15km) hikes over the cliffs on two consecutive days and while the terrain was at times challenging – the climbs were way steeper than what we anticipated – the views were stunning and we had a great time. We treated ourselves to seaside chips and beer in the sunshine on the last day and vowed to come back sometime later this year.

Easy vegan spanakopita

For fellow UK-dwellers, happy bank holiday weekend! Judging by how busy it was out yesterday and how unusually empty of cars our street is, lots of people have gone away for the weekend. We've decided

Baked beetroot falafels 2.0

Hope you guys have had a good weekend and your week has started well. We went walking along the Somerset coast with a couple of friends on Sunday and it was a great day full of sunshine, sea air,

Greek-inspired chickpea stew

Today's recipe is my last hurrah of comfort food before we start to swelter in the heat ;) . Looking out now (it's sunny but the wind is sooo cold) it feels like I'm tripping a little, but I live in

Red lentil pancakes

While I've always been someone who enjoys sweet breakfasts alongside my morning coffee, I have recently tried switching to more savoury options in a bid to limit my sugar intake. These split red

Vegan blondies

I've made no secret of the fact that I am a bit of cake-o-holic. I can be cool, I can manage without sweets for a week or so provided there is nothing tantalising in my eyeline, but my resolve takes a

Zucchini pasta sauce

As of Monday, we are officially out of lockdown here in the UK. At last!! Although I am quietly cautious. My hunch is that drinking (pubs are now open) is not conducive to minimising spread. Back when

Vegan zucchini galette

Hope you guys have had a good week and are ready for the weekend! We certainly are. It was Duncan's birthday on Wednesday and we are having some friends over to celebrate, which we are looking forward