Vegan courgette cake

vegan courgette cake cross section

Happy weekend! I hope the sun is out for you! We are back to an average temperature of 20° C (70° F) and fairly frequent cloud coverage… While I miss the heat I am not too upset about this weather change as we are going to be bathroom and toilet less for the next two weeks – something that’s certainly more of an issue when it is relentlessly hot. Our contractor – who seems like a really nice guy and someone who really takes pride in his work – is starting on Monday.

Rice pudding vegan gelato

Happy Fridaaaaay! What a gloriously sunny and hot week it has been in these parts - finally!! It's been so hot that our diet has mostly consisted of iced coffees and gelato this past week, I am NOT

Miso eggplants / nasu dengaku

After me moaning about the lack of summer for weeks, I've had my wish - it's been mercilessly hot around these parts lately. Hot and still and it becomes very hard to get some sleep. I wish there was

Summer farro salad

I finally got my wish and the weather in Bristol is sizzling hot. Too hot for my Greek-born kitty, who having lived here now for almost 4 years is no longer used to relentless summer heat. It looks as

Perfect no-bake vegan cheesecake

Another weekend, another dessert :) I don't know why but whenever I plan my weekend recipe I more often than not seem to land on a dessert! It's probably because my mom used to bake at the weekends

Vegan banh mi with lemongrass meatballs

After a pretty rough week, I'm back with some renewed inspiration and a promise to myself to look after my mental health a little bit better by staying off social media more (it makes me feel anxious