Vegan peach tart

vegan peach tart close

Peaches, beautiful peaches everywhere. How could I resist? The truth is I couldn’t, so I finally had to put the oven on again. It was worth it though – the house was instantly filled with the most beautiful smell of baked fruit and crumbly pastry.

Vegan nicoise salad

It's been rather hot in these parts lately, so all we live on are endless cold coffees, salads, melons and sorbets - anything that's hydrating (well, apart from coffee but one has to feed their

Vegan mini cheesecake jars

Today's recipe is something I've kept under wraps for a few weeks now. As soon as cherries made a regular appearance in our local veggie shop, I went on a cherry blitz and kept on making one cherry

Espresso and cappuccino freddo

'Hello, I'm Ania and I'm an espresso freddo addict!' Espresso freddo is a way of life here, in Greece, and no summer would be complete without it. As opposed to other cold coffees out there, this one

Vegan banana ice cream

Forgive me for another sweet recipe - I usually try to space things out a bit - but this one almost doesn't count as a proper dessert. In case, you've never come across this wonderful one ingredient

Healthy vegan chocolate mousse

I'm so excited to share this recipe with you that I could hardly wait :) . When I set out to attempt this - no chocolate, no sugar - aquafaba-based vegan mousse, I was pretty sure it would be a