Vegan mushroom risotto

vegan mushroom risotto close

The temperature has dropped a lot in the last couple of days so I felt that a bowl of creamy vegan mushroom risotto topped with garlicky mushrooms may be what the doctor ordered. Coupled with a good glass of wine, a pair of warm socks (my circulation isn’t in the job of keeping my extremities warm apparently! πŸ˜‰ ), a cat on my lap and a good Netflix show this could easily be my Saturday evening sorted. Oh wait, I have no sofa to sit on – think again, Ania! Oh well, you get the gist! Mushroom risotto is the very definition of comfort food, isn’t it? It is usually Duncan that cooks it in our house as, ever since I’ve started this blog, I tend to cook all the meals and that’s one meal that he can make with his eyes closed, so I am not going to pass up this opportunity to be ‘cooked for’ for a change, am I?

Vegan potato gratin

Hope you guys are well? I'm back in my kitchen full time and getting to grips with the fact that Xmas is only just a month away from now - where did the time go? I have plenty of Xmas recipes planned

Vegan pumpkin pie

I hope you have a relaxing weekend planned? We certainly do as the last three weeks have been really quite stressful for us due to all the building work we are having done, and the constant mess and

Roasted sweet potatoes with miso sauce

Happy Wednesday guys! I hope you are having a good week so far? I am finally seeing a tiny little light at the end of the tunnel of my house renovation. We've just had some sockets moved in the living

Easy vegan chocolate cookies

This past week has been very emotionally draining and I really feel the need to take it easy this weekend. After a week of freezing cold downstairs, we now finally have two working radiators in our

Squash and caramelised onion pasta

Although my living situation has improved a little since last week, it's far from back to normal. We still have no radiators at all downstairs as the plaster on the wall they are supposed to be

Vegan pumpkin galette

This past week has been somewhat hellish and I am so glad that it is over, even though this weekend won't yet be relaxing either. On Monday, we've had a wall between our kitchen-diner and living room

Vegan shepherd’s pie

This weekend, we are finalising our paint choice for the living room as builders will start knocking down the dividing wall on Monday. I realise that I have made some bold claims about painting the