About us

Hi there, my name is Ania and I am really happy that you are here.

I live on a charming Greek island of Paros with my  fiancé , Duncan, and our beloved cat – Tina (also known as Bubble). Duncan and I moved to Paros in autumn 2013 after London’s rat race exhausted us and made us yearn for a more fulfilling life. We turned our backs on our corporation jobs and delved head first into making it on our own. We have Lazy Cat Kitchen, the vegan cooking blog (you’re on it now!) and we have Lazy Cat Themes, which is a WordPress theme store specializing in food blogger themes. If you are thinking of starting a food blog check it out here.

about us

About adopting a plant-based diet

Before Tina appeared on our doorstep, we used to have a sweet little cat called Noodle. We found him as a concussed kitten in the middle of a busy road and once we took him home with us, he became a family member. After a year of staying with us, he disappeared without trace in winter 2014 and we were not able to find him. Even this short period of owing a pet and being so emotionally connected to an animal made us think twice about eating meat. We started to feel a bit hypocritical that we love our cat so much and pamper him like crazy yet we eat other animals without a second thought. This feeling has motivated us to watch a few documentaries on the meat and dairy industry and on adopting a plant-based diet. Through watching these films, we learned a lot not only about the unimaginable cruelty inherent in meat, dairy and egg industry, but also about health benefits of eating a plant-based diet and decided to give it a go.

While I was the main force behind this change, Duncan, who is a serious runner (the voice behind the ‘Boy on the Run’ segments of the Marathon Talk podcast) shared my sentiment. Inspired by the sporting achievements of famous vegan athletes including fellow Aussie fast bowler Peter Siddle and ultramarathoner Scott Jurek; he decided to join me. We have never looked back.

About the blog

I’ve always loved cooking but adopting a plant-based diet has given me a renewed inspiration. I found myself spending a lot more time in the kitchen, educating myself about new cooking methods and new ingredients. Seeing my obsession getting out of hand, Duncan has gently ‘bullied’ me into turning my passion into a cooking blog and that’s how Lazy Cat Kitchen came about.

I designed the blog myself, I do most of the cooking, all of the food styling and photography. Duncan hand-coded the website and deals with all technical stuff, which is just as well or else you would be looking at an animated gif. He is also the blog’s self- proclaimed ‘Baking Department’ (his breads are to die for) and a hand model. He got the last job after he called me ‘sausage fingers’…

We hope you like our recipes and, even if you are not ready to ditch meat, dairy and eggs, want to incorporate a few more plant-based dishes into your diet.