About us

Hi there, I’m Ania and I am really happy that you are here.

I live in Bristol (UK) with my running obsessed husband, Duncan, and our ex-stray Greek tabby, Tina, who loves cuddles and mischief in equal measure.

Before we’ve finally settled on Bristol, Duncan and I had our fair share of adventures. We both spent the whole of our twenties living in London – this is where we met – and then to shake things up we moved to a small Greek island of Paros for four years. It was there that we decided to go vegan and it was where this very blog was born.

about us

About adopting a plant-based diet

We never planned to look after a cat, but living on a small Greek island where there are many strays just desperately wanting to be loved and looked after, we got sucked in. We fostered a few strays over the four year period and it was that experience of doting on an animal that made us critically examine our habit of eating meat and dairy.

We started to feel that this was hypocritical of us, calling ourselves animal lovers yet eating some animals without a second thought. This feeling motivated us to watch a few documentaries on the meat and dairy industry and on adopting a plant-based diet. Through watching these films, we learned not only about the unimaginable cruelty inherent in the meat, dairy and egg industry (a lot of it we had not been aware of), but also about the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet and we had to at least try going vegan.

While I was the main force behind this change, Duncan, who is a serious amateur runner (marathon PB 3:09), shared my sentiment. Inspired by the sporting achievements of famous vegan athletes including fellow Aussie fast bowler Peter Siddle and ultramarathoner Scott Jurek; he decided to join me straightway. It’s been 8 years now and we have never looked back.

About the blog

I’ve always loved cooking but adopting a plant-based diet has given me a renewed inspiration. I found myself spending a lot more time in the kitchen, educating myself about new cooking methods and new ingredients. Seeing my obsession getting out of hand, Duncan has gently ‘bullied’ me into turning my passion into a cooking blog and that’s how Lazy Cat Kitchen came about. It’s a good job he was persistent as I had plenty of excuses up my sleeve.

We hope you like our recipes and, even if you are not ready to ditch meat, dairy and eggs straight away, our recipes will encourage you to leave animal products off your plate more often.

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