Greek-inspired chickpea stew

Greek-inspired chickpea stew

greek inspired chickpea stew bowl

Today’s recipe is my last hurrah of comfort food before we start to swelter in the heat 😉 . Looking out now (it’s sunny but the wind is sooo cold) it feels like I’m tripping a little, but I live in hope that we will soon be able to leave cold weather behind for a while. This Greek inspired lemon flavoured chickpea stew is very popular in my house. Duncan is a big fan and so am I, so I make it regularly.

It’s really easy to make, filling, healthy and so comforting but not too heavy. While it’s akin to Greek ‘revithada’, I’ve put my own spin on it so it’s not a traditional way a Greek γιαγιά or pappoús (men can and should cook too!) would typically make it. For starters many Greek cooks simmer dry chickpeas directly in the stew, but I opted to use separately cooked chickpeas instead. Firstly, it’s because I know that many people use already cooked store-bought chickpeas and also because when you cook your chickpeas separately, it is much easier to skim them and because I tend to use aquafaba in many of my recipes.

My second addition was to include an entire head of roasted garlic, which may seem like a lot, but trust me its flavour is mellow and deep and it makes this stew particularly delicious and addictive. I also decided to blend a portion of the chickpeas with creamy plant milk and said garlic to add body and creaminess to the dish. If you want it even more indulgent, a couple of tablespoons of tahini is also a nice addition.

Instead of onions, I decided to use a seasonal leek as it adds a beautiful hit of sweetness and a pop of colour combined with the onion’s milder cousin Madame French shallot. You can totally use an onion instead or two large shallots or two leeks. They all work well.

Finally, I’ve added a handful of chard at the very end to celebrate my ‘chard crop’. I planted it from seed a couple of years ago and last year an army of ravenous slugs completely beat me to it. This year, because it’s been unseasonably dry, the slugs have backed off and I discovered, to my great astonishment, that I have a proud bunch of chard waiting to be consumed. You can also use kale or spinach or nothing at all. Or if you are after some extra comfort, I really like adding some cubed potatoes in at the end for extra bulk and nutrition. Well, I hope you’ll enjoy my take on this Greek classic as much as we do and that it will provide you with some comfort during the still cold evenings.

greek-inspired chickpea stew garlic

greek-inspired chickpea stew ingredients

greek-inspired chickpea stew thickened

greek-inspired chickpea stew portion

greek-inspired chickpea stew close up

15 min
45 min
15 min
45 min
  • 1 head of garlic + 3 large cloves, divided
  • 3 tbsp / 45 ml extra virgin olive oil (or vegan stock for oil-free version)
  • 1 large shallot + 1 leek (or 2 large shallots)
  • thyme and / or rosemary
  • ½ tsp black pepper
  • chilli flakes (optional) or chilli oil to finish
  • 1½ tsp salt, adjust to taste
  • 2 fresh or dry bay leaves
  • 1 unwaxed lemon, peel and juice
  • 800 g / 5 cups cooked chickpeas (2 cups dry*)
  • 240 ml / 1 cup creamy** almond or oat milk
  • 2 tbsp tahini (optional)
  • 100 g / 3½ oz kale, chard or spinach (optional) or potatoes
  1. Heat up the oven to 200° C / 390° F. Cut the top of the garlic head(s) off (I recommend roasting 2-3 at the same time) and drizzle the exposed cloves with a small amount of olive oil. Wrap the garlic in a piece of baking paper and then kitchen foil and bake for about 30-35 minutes, until the cloves are soft and sticky. Set aside.
  2. Cut the green part off the leek, cut the remaining part in half lengthwise and clean off the grit hiding between layers. Chop the leek and the shallot finely.
  3. Heat up olive oil in a heavy bottom pot. Add leek and shallot and sauté on a low medium heat until translucent, stir frequently.
  4. Next, throw in finely chopped fresh garlic (3 cloves) and fresh thyme leaves and / or cut rosemary leaves (I use about 1 tbsp each). Sauté for another 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently.
  5. Once the garlic is fragrant, add in pepper, a pinch of chilli flakes (if using), 1 tsp of salt (add more later), bay leaves, 2-3 strips of lemon peel, 4 cups of cooked chickpeas and about 600 ml / 2½ cups of water. Allow everything to come to a gentle simmer.
  6. Meanwhile, blend 1 cup of chickpeas with all the roasted garlic cloves and 1 cup of plant milk. If you want extra creaminess, you could some tahini but it does introduce a sesame flavour.
  7. Stir blended up chickpeas and roast garlic mixture to the simmering stew.
  8. Taste, season with lemon juice (I used 4 tbsp), adjust the amount of salt to taste and you will probably want to add a bit more water to achieve the consistency you like.
  9. Finally, if using any greens, chop them up small and allow them to simmer in the stew for 2-3 minutes (spinach and chard) and 5 minutes (kale). If you are feeling extra hungry, cubed potatoes cooked in the stew also make a great addition.
  10. Divide between bowls and enjoy. I like to serve it with a slice of toasted sourdough and a drizzle of olive oil (or chilli oil if I have it on hand)

HOT TIP: Make this dish a day ahead for a better flavour and if you do, don’t cook the greens until you are ready to serve.

*Traditionally, chickpeas are cooked directly in the stew, but I prefer to do that separately. My main reason is that it is way easier to skim the pot if you do and also because I like to get homemade aquafaba / chickpea brine this way. If you do cook your own chickpeas for this, you may want to add a little aquafaba / chickpea brine to the stew for a creamier / thicker result.

**I made this stew with creamy almond milk with a high percentage of almonds, other neutral flavoured creamy milks like oat, cashew or even soy milk will work well too. I would steer clear of coconut though as it’s more suited to Asian-inspired stews.

15 g
17 g
2 g
19 g
66 g
*per serving
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19 reviews, 27 comments
This was sooooo good. It even tasted better the next day. I only used two cans of chickpeas which came to 2 cups and that seemed like enough. Do you think it freezes well?
    Thanks so much, Rachel! I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed it so much and yes, resting a dish like this overnight improves the flavor immensely. Yes, absolutely, it will freeze just fine. Thanks for taking the time to write this lovely review, I really appreciate it. x Ania
This stew was enjoyed by everyone! It was easy to prepare and full of flavour. I especially appreciated the citrus which brought some sunniness to our endless end of winter days
    Aw, thank you Grace! I'm so happy to hear that it went down well with you and your fellow-diners! x Ania
Absolutely delicious! Make sure to cook enough to yield leftovers and leave the lemon peels in overnight - it's even better the next day!
Super simple to make, the ingredients going in are few and humble but the resulting flavours are out of this world.
I recommended it to friends and family already and I will certainly be making it again for me and my partner!
Thanks Ania, I love your recipes and photos :)
    Aw, thanks so much for your lovely words, Aga! I'm so happy to hear that both you and your partner enjoyed this stew and that you are planning to make it more often! x Ania
I made this recipe and added cumin for an extra kick. It is delicious hot or cold. I tossed over baby spinach and made a salad. It’s a versatile recipe.
    Thank you, Teresa! So pleased that you enjoyed it and a touch of cumin is certainly a good idea, I am a fan! Thank you for taking the time to leave this review, I really appreciate it. x Ania
Finally I got to try this for vegan Mondays. Absolutely amazing combo of flavors; a festival in mouth. And best of all is easy and quick. Thank you!
    Thank you so much, Idil! I'm delighted that you enjoyed it and I really appreciate you taking the time to let me and my readers know, it helps me out a lot. x Ania
Amazing, amazing, amazing! This is my go to dish whenever I want to impress non vegans or just want to have tasty ball of greatness for myself and my husband (my kids are not yet into vegan food). And the quality of this recipe is really of high restaurant standards! Sometimes I cook it just with onions if I dont have leaks or shallot handy. Thank you, Ania for making delicious food of the greatest quality available to everybody!
    Aw, thanks so much for your kind words, Karina! I'm so happy to hear that you and your husband enjoy this recipe and many thanks for taking the time to review, I really appreciate it. x Ania
This stew was amazing!! It was bright, creamy and soul satisfying.
Ania, your recipes never disappoint, you have been my go to since my husband and I went plant based 5 years ago. Your recipes are full of flavor and texture and such a great variety of types of cuisine. Thank you!
    Thank you for your kind words about my recipes, Laura! I am delighted to hear that this dish was such a hit in your house and that my recipes have been helpful to you in your transition to veganism. Oh and I really appreciate you taking the time to review. x Ania
Really really good idea for adding creaminess with the plant milk!
I find it also a good idea to cook the chickpeas separately, because I make a big pot and store in servings in the freezer. Tahini is great addition too in the end!!!
Very delicious! And I think spinach will be the go to green for me!
And I also like your stories accompanying the recipes!
Thank you
    Thank you, Evy! I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed this recipe and my stories - I sometimes feel unsure about them ;), like maybe I am sharing too much. And thank you for taking the time to review – it helps my work be seen so I really appreciate it. x Ania
      No I think your stories are so honest and written with a very nice attitude, not to impress or invoke emotions or anything, very human and relaxing to read. And I love that your recipes are also unique and come from you, not stealing from others. So thank you for all your work! We really enjoy learning to cook better, getting new ideas and reading about your interestsing experiences and fun stories!
        Aw thank you, Evy! That's so sweet of you to say. x Ania
This is the third thing I have tried from your blog and it only gets better. We just came back from Rhodes, Greece, so it was just a perfect thing to make. Thank you so much xx
    Aw, thanks so much Monika, I'm really happy to hear that (and so so jealous of your Greek holiday!). x Ania
Just made this and its AMAZING!!!. will definitely be making gain
    Thanks so much, Laurel! I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed it so much! x Ania
A very tasty soup. Haven't roasted garlic many times but it was so good for this recipe. We had this for dinner with your tomato fritters on the side.
    Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for taking the time to leave a review - I really appreciate it. x Ania
Amy K.:
This stew is so delicious and filling. It comes together really easily too. I had never tried a stew or soup with lemony flavor before but it’s brilliant! The lemon provides a bright note that takes the stew to a whole new level! I’m going to be making this often!
    Yay, I am delighted to hear that Amy, thank you! And thanks so much for returning to leave this lovely review – I really appreciate it. x Ania
Mary M:
This is so delicious! I didn’t have the large potatoes so I just use tiny Yukon gold on top. Will make this again!
    Thanks Mary! I'm delighted that you enjoyed this stew and thanks for taking the time to let me know that you did - I really appreciate it! Ania
Loved this! It is a nice blend of flavors, easy to make, and perfect for in-between weather.
    Thanks Erin, I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed it so much! And many thanks for returning to leave a review - I really appreciate it. x Ania
Everyone in my family loved this stew even the non-vegans! We will definitely be making this again and again. We always have some type of greens we are happy to use up by wilting into a soup or stew . I loved the brightness the lemon brought to the flavors.
    Thanks so much, Susan. I'm so happy to hear that you and your family enjoyed it and plan to make it more often. And thanks so much for returning to post a review - I really appreciate it. x Ania
Hi Ania - I am new to your blog and this is the first recipe of yours I made and it was so delicious! I made it a day ahead during my Saturday meal prep and ate it last night - so good! I cooked my chickpeas from scratch so added a couple of tablespoons of aquafaba when I processed 1/3 of the chickpeas with the milk. I used Silk soy organic unsweetened and instead of tahini I soaked 2 tablespoons of walnuts in hot water for a couple of hours and blended them with the chickpeas, garlic and milk.
It was easy to prepare and the flavors were so good! I will definitely be making this again. Next up from your blog I want to make the coconut tofu with green beans and the miso chickpeas. Thank you for posting and sharing.
    Thank you for your kind words, Jennifer. I'm delighted to hear that this dish was such a hit with your tastebuds and thanks so much for returning to let me know - I really appreciate it. I hope you'll enjoy my other recipes too. x Ania
OMG! this was so good, and very easy to make. Not obvious, surprising, very refreshing flavours. I was sceptic about adding whole garlic, but believe me, once you blend it with chickpea and plant milk, it gives very smooth, delicate texture and stron smell disappears. I used almond milk. Definitely this dish will be repeated soon! <3
    Thank you, Marta! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed this dish so much and plan to make again. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this lovely review - I really appreciate it! x Ania
Delicious! Really enjoyed this and it's very different to anything I've made before. Yummy with the crusty bread and added chili oil drizzled on top! I also added a few "meat" balls for extra protein.
    Thanks so much, Cerne! I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed it and thanks so much for returning to leave this lovely feedback - I really appreciate it. Ania
It really turned out delicious. And that smell when you open the roasted garlic wraps... Sooooo good! 😍 (I ran out of chickpeas so made the stew with cannellini beans which made it ever so creamy 😀) Thanks for the recipe!
    Thank you for your kind words, Ruth! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it and thank you so much for stopping by to leave this review - I really appreciate it. x Ania
This was just what I was looking to have for dinner this evening and it is super delicious! Your recipes always turn out fantastically. Great depth of flavou, even though I’m currently cooking without oil and salt ( I did add miso to my bowl after serving). A great way to use up greens - and even if like me you’re someone who doesn’t usually like creamy dishes, give this one a go (I used oatly’s oat cream for that step). Thank you ❤️ will definitely be making this again!!!
    Thanks so much for your kinds words, Elizabeth! I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed this dish and are planning to make it again (miso sounds like a lovely addition too). And thanks so much for taking the time to leave this review - I really appreciate it as it helps my work reach more people. x Ania
My go-to comfort food is egg-lemon soup, but this recipe takes that soup up a notch. Can't wait to try it! Thank you for the recipe.
    My pleasure, Judy. Yes, it's a bit like that but no egg obvs as that wouldn't make me a very good vegan ;) .Hope you'll enjoy my version too. Ania
Will be making this soon i never had greek food before perfect with naan will dm you if i make this and let you k ow how it goes Thanks Ramya
    Hope you'll enjoy it! Ania
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