Miso mushrooms with chickpeas and kale

Miso mushrooms with chickpeas and kale

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Hello and apologies for going quiet on social media and not replying to comments for a few days, but I have been caked in sanding dust and covered in paint splatters. No, I am not at some fancy art class, I wish. This is much less fun. When we decided to leave the drizzly British shores for sunny Greece several years ago, I became an accidental landlady. I loved my little flat and I was really sad to hand it away to a couple of strangers but it was that or not going to Greece, which I am totally glad we did.

So my tenants moved out this Saturday and I’ve been in a bit of a mental hell hole since then. There is so much to do and so little time (despite what many people may think I do have a job) and there are so many fires (metaphorical, thankfully) to put out that I was getting really overwhelmed and my anxiety was through the roof.

Luckily, I have the ever pragmatic and philosophical Duncan, my lovely mom who offered some words of comfort and zen (as she has become a bit of a zen master in her old age), another landlady who owns the flat above mine and several kind friends who allowed me to vent my frustration and offered emotional support. I am on day two of my grand redecoration project and things seem a little easier. I got less done than I was hoping to but still moved things forward a fair amount. As a treat, I walked down to my local high street in search of a good mop (turns out my hoover did not survive the new owners) and to do some food shopping. Even though it sounds lame and it was drizzling the whole way, I really enjoyed looking around and doing something other than cleaning, caulking, sanding, painting on repeat – you get the picture.

Once I have made a bit more progress, I plan to see several of my friends while I am here and I am really looking forward to it, as I have not seen them in years! I also look forward to revisiting my old hangouts as much as possible given that it is a pandemic after all and I hope to be back in Bristol in 3 weeks at the latest. It is incredible how long these things take. Duncan is joining me at weekends, bringing useful stuff and his good sense of humour, both of which are very appreciated. And helping out, which is even better. I look forward to us strolling through London in the evenings and reminiscing about many many happy years we spent here. I still love this city for its vibrancy and its tolerance, especially so right now (as I am in the process of applying for a settled status and the ‘computer says no’ type of process is already fraying all my goodwill).

So anyhow, this is one of the dishes I made in anticipation of this recipe development hiatus. It’s easy and quick to make, tasty, nutritious and makes for a fantastic weekday dinner. It simply marries some of my favourite things together: mushrooms, miso, chickpeas, green leafy veg (cos they are antioxidant powerhouses). It’s suitably seasonal and can be made in advance too. I hope it will make one of your weekday dinners better.

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10 min
30 min
10 min
30 min
  • 30 ml / 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 300 g / 10½ oz mushrooms (I used a mixture of chestnut and shiitake), quartered
  • 1 large banana shallot or small onion, finely diced
  • 2-3 garlic cloves, finely diced
  • a few fresh thyme springs
  • 6 lacinato kale leaves, de-stemmed
  • 1 tbsp white miso paste
  • approx. 250 g / 1½ cups cooked chickpeas + 120 ml / ½ cup aquafaba
  • salt and pepper
  • lemon zest and juice
  • a dash of smoked paprika
  • pinch of chilli flakes (I used Turkish chilli, pul biber)
  • cooked rice, pearl barley or crusty bread, to serve
  1. Heat up 2-3 tsp of oil in a large (I used stainless steel) frying pan.
  2. Add chopped mushrooms to the pan. Fry them for a few minutes until browned, stirring frequently.
  3. Add shallots, garlic and thyme leaves, the pan may need a touch more oil at this point, and sauté them until shallots become translucent and garlic soft and fragrant. Be sure to stir often.
  4. Next add chopped kale, sauté for a few minutes.
  5. Finally add miso dissolved in a bit of water so that it doesn’t clump in one place, chickpeas and their liquid.
  6. Allow everything to bubble for a few seconds, season with salt (if needed, miso delivers quite a lot of salt), pepper, lemon juice, zest, smoked paprika and chilli if using.
  7. Serve with rice or other grain (pearl barely works really well) or good quality bread like sourdough, toasted if liked. I topped mine with a dollop of almond ricotta.


14 g
21 g
3 g
23 g
45 g
*per serving
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14 reviews, 24 comments
So tasty! I subbed butter beans in place of chickpeas since that’s what I had in the cupboard. Will be cooking this again and again!
    That's fabulous to hear, Kelly, thank you! Ania
such a great recipe! easy, quick, nutritious and full of flavour! thanks, Chris, Australia
    Thanks Chris, I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! Hug a koala from me - (you guys have the cuddliest animals - well, maybe except red backs and crocodiles ;) ) Ania
Such a great, filling and flavorful meal. I ended up putting in about a tablespoon more miso. I also had leftover roasted delicata squash from another recipe so I added that in and the sweetness of the squash added a nice complexity to the dish.
    Thanks Anna, I am delighted to hear that you enjoyed this dish and squash always makes a great addition, I agree. x Ania
Dees Wilgehof-Sodaar:
This recipe is a lifesaver: easy, hearty, easy and quick, and with just the right amount of flavors for a not too complicated meal. Made this a couple of times now and it hasn’t let me down once. Just what a girl needs on busy weeknights when you do want to eat healthy.
    Yay, I am so happy to hear that Dees, thank you. x Ania
Your recipe creations make me so hungry! I am so glad I stumbled upon your website! I cannot wait to try your recipes!
    Aw thanks so much, that's so lovely to hear! I hope you'll enjoy my dishes. x Ania
Just love this ❤️
Quick, easy, nutritious and delicious recipe. Will be a regular meal here.
Highly recommend 😋
    Thanks so much, Fi! I am so happy that you enjoyed so much that you are plannintg to make again. And thank you for coming back to review - I really appreciate it. x Ania
Made with fresh portabella and previously frozen Cremini; didn’t have an aquafaba since I cook and freeze my own chickpeas so I added an extra splash of water. Recipe is super forgiving and fantastic.
    Thanks Julie, I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it and yes, it's totally adaptable. Thanks so much for taking the time to review - much appreciated. x Ania
So good! Made it with oyster + portobello mushrooms and served over brown rice boiled in vegetable stock for a little extra flavor. My partner's only complaint was that she wants me to double the recipe next time!
    Thanks so much, Nat! I am delighted to hear that this recipe went down so well with you and your partner! Massive thanks for taking the time to review, I really appreciate it. x Ania
This was g o o o d. Also simple to make. Served with coconut rice. Yum.
    Delighted to hear that, thanks Karen! Ania
So delicious! Got 5 star ratings from the family and can’t wait to make again.
    Thanks so much, Rikki! I'm delighted to hear that you and your family enjoyed it and I really appreciate you returning to write this review. x Ania
Leah Mack:
I work in a soup kitchen and made this with a varitey of wild mushrooms, *oyster, portebello,cremini etc, Since I made a large batch I baked mushrooms on high temp to get colour and release excess moisture this allowed the mushroom to absorb more miso goodness. I Also added a small amount of truffle oil (ya a boujie soup kitchen). I am serving for dinner tonight. It tastes amazing.
    Thank you for your kind feedback, Leah! I hope the dish went down well with the diners. And yeah totally agree baked miso mushrooms are fab (especially if you are handing large volume) - I've got a couple of oven recipes for these too. Great call to add some truffle oil, I bet it makes it taste amazing. x Ania
This was my first time trying one of your recipes and it did not disappoint! I served it over RightRice for extra protein. So yummy!
    Great to hear! Thanks for taking the time to let me know that you enjoyed it, Molly! Ania
Claire Baldwin:
This looks delicious and I'm excited to try it but I'm a little confused about the cooking time. In my head, I can't see cooking this taking 30 minutes without everything being really mushy. How long are you simmering everything for?
    Hi Claire,
    It's a dish that you build up in slowly so mushrooms take a while to brown, then onions and garlic take a while to soften so depends on the pan you use, I would say that it is not unlikely to take 20-30 from start to finish. Hope this helps! Ania
Beautiful recipe! Loved the flavours. Very savoury and satisfying.
    Great to hear that you enjoyed it, Hami! Thank you for taking the time to review as well - much appreciated. Ania
Amanda Gillson:
Hi Ania
I have just finished making your Miso mushrooms with Chickpea and Kale and it looks, smells and most importantly tastes absolutely amazing. I know my family are going to love it. This one will definitely become a family favourite. Thank you so much.
I started getting your recipes about 6 weeks ago and have made several and they have all been fantastic. I look forward to seeing your new recipes each week.
Kind regards, Amanda
    Thank you so much for your kind words, Amanda - it really warms the cockles of my heart (as they say here in the UK) and I hope you will continue to enjoy my recipes. Ania
I made this last night and it was a big hit with my family (two teenage girls and husband). Everyone requested this recipe be a weekly meal. I used fresh spinach instead of kale and it was delish! I look forward to making this more.
    Aw, thanks so much!! So lovely to hear that this recipe has turned out to be such a hit with your entire family. And many thanks for taking the time to review - much appreciated. Ania
A lovely dish, really unique flavours. Perfect for autumn!
    Thanks Andy, I am glad you enjoyed it! Ania
betty rossi:
Can I use dried mushrooms in this recipe?
    Hi Betty,
    I don't think they will work as well, they are not that nice to eat unless chopped very small (in fillings) or blended (in soups). They will provide plenty of flavour, but not the texture you'll enjoy, I don't think. Ania
Rachel Lewis:
Thanks Ania I really love your recipes and I love the stories of your life, I relate to your perceived challenges and I appreciate you sharing your anxieties. Thank you it's appreciated. Personally I have reached a personal tipping point with the Pandemic, our personal freedom being eroded and mental health suffering, so I take my solace where I can and lazy cat kitchen is a place of hope and comfort for me. Thank you xxx
    Aw, thanks so much for your kind words, Rachel! I'm glad that my ramblings are helpful and relatable. I understand completely, this is really difficult time on so many levels, things seem to be so out of whack that it's hard not to be affected by it. I'm the same, I stopped reading the papers and I avoid news as I cannot cope with the gloom and the feeling of helplessness sometimes. I'm delighted to hear that my small corner of the internet is your happy place and I hope you'll feel better soon. x Ania
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