Vegan carrot cupcakes with cashew frosting

Today's recipe is another autumn classic, which I have been planning on making for a while - deliciously moist carrot cupcakes fragrant with spices and topped with luscious and pillowy cashew cream.

Vegan cauliflower mash with balsamic beets

Hope your week is going well? The recipe I planned for today is inspired by cool, moody autumn and as luck would have it our weather has totally backtracked and bestowed a few warm and sunny, almost

Basil tofu steak dinner

Don't panic, I have not stopped being vegan (and I'm happy to report that my brain appears to be working well enough despite eating vegan for 6 years now ;) ) but I realise that this meal looks

Green bean pesto pasta

How on Earth is it September already? It really feels like everything has been back to front and upside down this year, hasn't it? I think I have mentioned that I am having a bit of a thing for green

Vegan beetroot ravioli

Happy weekend, guys! I'm suffering from a little post-holiday blues - apparently that's a thing. We came back from our mini break in Wales yesterday and I have found it hard to find the motivation to

Vegan custard tarts

Happy weekend guys. After a bit of a break from baking, I decided that I would love to make something sweet again and so I made some vegan custard tarts, which I hope you'll enjoy. The idea for these

Green bean dry curry and coconut tofu

As someone whose job is to show up with two brand new food recipes that taste and look good every single week, I tend to get periodically obsessed with certain ingredients, which tend to fall out of