Amaranth porridge with raspberry chia jam

What's your staple winter breakfast, guys? I tend to go for a steaming hot bowl of porridge, especially when I have a busy day ahead as it keeps me full until lunchtime. I have a soft spot for this

Vegan bourguignon with celeriac mash

I'm really hoping that you are mushroom fans as today's dish is all about their meaty, fragrant presence. I have loved mushrooms ever since I was a child and I am always excited by mushroom recipes. I

Gluten free multiseed bread

I got a bit bored of the staple winter breakfasts that I alternate between - porridge or cinnamon bagels - and decided to shake things up a bit and make a super seedy and slightly sweet loaf of bread

Ginger and turmeric broth

I have not had a cold since I went vegan (three and a half years ago)...until now. I started feeling a bit funny on Tuesday and I've been sneezing and sniffling ever since. I am gutted as I've only

Vegan Caesar salad

Time for a big green salad to brighten up our January tables and lighten up our meals. Not just any boring salad though, this green beauty is fit for a Caesar... Yes, you've guessed it - today's

Vegan Asian meatball bowls

Happy Friday, guys! Hope your New Year's resolutions are going strong! I am so chuffed about how many people are signing up for Veganuary this year and how many eateries and restaurants are on board!

Vegan sausage rolls

How are you guys doing post Xmas overindulgence? Have you vowed not to eat anything ever again? Have you started a new health kick yet or are you waiting for New Year's Eve to roll around first ;) ?