Vegan green smoothie

Blogging about food is a constant balancing act. Admittedly, it may be just me as I am not particularly good at having cake around and not eating it.

Vegan fig frangipane tart

I'm terribly sorry for leading you astray AGAIN, but you have to try this vegan fig frangipane tart as it's delicious. Even better, make it and share it with someone who thinks that veganism is about

Vegan quinoa pancakes

We haven't had pancakes in a while so, this weekend, I've decided to make up for it. Especially that there is so much delicious seasonal fruit available at the moment - figs, peaches, plums and

Sesame soba noodles with broccoli

This week has been a challenging one as I've managed to injure my upper back carrying heavy shopping and I've been a bit cranky. I decided to go easy on myself in terms of cooking and we more or less

Spicy grilled zucchini with curried dip

As last week was a bit of a baking marathon, this week I'm taking it easy and only making simple, low-effort meals that ideally do not require turning an oven on :) . Especially that the cooler

Vegan German plum cake

I'm so looking forward to sharing this cake recipe with you. Firstly, because I want you to be able to make the most of the plum season. Secondly, because I want to be able to stop making this

Vegan lunch bowl

As we are in the middle of another heatwave and I am not coping very well, I've decided to take it easy until it cools down (apparently next week). Therefore today's recipe is very easy to throw

Vegan scallion pancakes

This recipe happened because I ended up with way too many spring onions (scallions) that were threatening to die on me and I needed to put them to good use. Quick research revealed that the simplest