Banana overnight oats

Greece, like most Mediterranean countries, isn't exactly known for its breakfast culture, so going out for breakfast, especially when you are vegan and a health nut (like me) is hard work and never

Vegan peanut butter banana bread

After two solid weeks of basking in the Greek sun, we are finally back home for a bit. Arriving on Wednesday night was a bit of a shock to the system, I must admit. We boarded the flight in Heraklion

Plant bolognese sauce

We are over the halfway point of our escapade in Crete. Today, we are leaving Ierapetra and heading to a new destination called Matala, where we are staying for 2 nights before moving on again. We've

Sweet potato bowl

Greetings from sunny Crete. Today, after several days in the very chilled yet charming seaside town of Sitia, we are driving down south to our next destination, Ierapetra. Apart from one slightly

Vegan apple muffins

We are waving at you from an Eastern sea town of Crete, Sitia, where we checked in last night after two days in Heraklion. Yesterday was a bit testing. When we went to pick up our rental car that we

Vegan curry with green beans

Happy Wednesday, guys! By the time you'll get to read this, I will be up in the air, on my way to Heraklion (Greece), counting down the hours until hitting the beach! As I still have a million things

Vegan blueberry muffins

Hope your week has been peachy, productive yet not too energy depleting? I've managed to shoot my final three recipes before my holiday, which is a relief as that's always the most stressful aspect of

Fennel and roasted cherry salad

After a social and busy weekend, this week is all about holiday prep for us, so I am going to keep things simple. I hope you don't mind? The reality of running an online business is that while in