Vegan chocolate hazelnut torte

Happy Friday, guys! I just got off the plane and I'm now heading home to hug my cat, although she will be offended, no doubt. Cats, eh? You gotta love them and their unshakeable confidence. I've had a

Pulled jackfruit bowls

Greetings from delightfully warm and only just autumnal Krakow, guys! It may be because I was born in October, but I love autumn here. This year, it is unseasonably warm (thanks humans!!) and dry so I

Vegan bean stew with fennel

Greetings from beautifully sunny Poland. I'm at my parents' house tonight, but heading back to Krakow tomorrow to catch up with friends and hang out with my brother and his girlfriend. Then back here

Vegan fried rice

I'm sitting at in Bristol Airport as I write this, waiting to board a plane flight to Krakow. I have not visited since the cold snap, so I am looking forward to touching down and seeing all my family

Vegan Portuguese custard tarts

It's Duncan who you've got to thank for this recipe. He was on me to veganise Portuguese custard tarts for a long time, while I was somewhat reluctant. I don't know why... I guess given how much the

Vegan gado gado salad with tempeh

What have you been up to this weekend!? We ambled around town on Saturday, including curry and coffee pit stops (not at the same time as that would not have been wise :P ) and yesterday, we did some

Vegan chocolate chip cookies

While I've enjoyed summer immensely this year (I know, it's technically still summer, but the UK has thrown a hissy fit and the temperature plummeted at the start of August), I have missed being able

Pappa al pomodoro

I don't know about where you are, but here, in the UK, summer feels like a distant memory. We've finally had our wedding photoshoot on Saturday afternoon and after two hours of standing around in our