Vegan ramen

Despite sunny weather being more of a permanent fixture in these parts lately, the evenings remain cold. I insist on sitting out on my deckchair (which still doubles up as my sofa in the evenings -

Chocolate cookie cups with amaretto

I told you my sweet tooth has been unstoppable! No matter how hard I try not to scheme yet another dessert recipe, I just don't seem to be able to switch that part of my brain off. I guess it's white

Vegan carbonara

Happy Thursday, guys! I hope you are doing well and staying safe in these challenging times. After several gloriously warm and sunny days, here in Bristol, it's our turn to take some rain and so I

Healthy chocolate muffins

Ever since the lockdown started, I seem to be unable (except for when I was really poorly, in bed) to go a few days without baking something and since I am not able to give any of my baked goods away,

Peanut tofu sushi

Hello from the land of the living, finally! Although I did say that before and ended up having to return to bed for another week...After nearly 4 weeks since I first started experiencing symptoms I am

Vegan rhubarb and ginger buns

Hello strangers! You won't believe how happy I am to be able to finally bring you a brand new recipe, after almost 2 weeks of battling the dreaded virus! And before you ask, I have not been tested as

Vegan wild garlic pesto pasta

While things are upside down right now, I am trying to look for a silver lining in this unprecedented situation. One upside is that the sun has been shining beautifully here this week and while this

Vegan Polish sweet cheese rolls

I am fighting my compulsion to check WHO stats and refresh my favourite newspaper's website every 15 minutes - I am sure you can relate. As the situation is far from being contained (apart from China