Vegan breakfast tacos

The Lazy Cat Kitchen team is waving 'hello' from Athens. Well, we are waving, Tina is slowly recovering from an eventful day. After her first 3 years on her native Greek island, today she was brutally

Pumpkin chocolate cups

How do pumpkin chocolate cups sound, guys? I would kill for one at the moment! We've been packing the house up since last Saturday (and living on very basic food as the kitchen slowly gets packed up),

Vegan brown rice sushi

I could not dream of making these today as my house has been turned upside down, but I shot them for you a while ago (in preparation for this chaos) and I thought it would be a good recipe to share

Vegan carrot pancakes with maple caramel

It's official, guys! I'm turning into my mum - sneaking veggies into stuff!! This particular veggie smuggling attempt is really pleasant to eat though so bear with me. It's a stack of carrot-cake

Sweet potato hash with kale and miso

Hope you had a lovely weekend, guys! Mine was great. Santorini is breathtaking indeed, although a bit too touristy for my taste. Watching the famous Oia sunset surrounded by hundreds of others who

Vegan tiramisu

What a hectic week this has been! I'm exhausted and I'm so looking forward to the weekend, and this one in particular! It's my birthday this Sunday and Duncan is treating me to a break in breathtaking

Vegan roasted pepper pasta

Today, I have a simple midweek dinner idea for you - a vegan roasted pepper pasta. Its a perfect dish for these colder autumn nights - although its ingredients and therefore smells are still very

Vegan focaccia with tomatoes and rosemary

Sometimes you search for the right ingredients to create standout recipes, but for today's recipe the delicious ingredients found us. This focaccia is a celebration of multi-coloured cherry tomatoes