Quick vegan spring onion noodles

Boy, it's so miserable out here today! It's dark and rainy and feels like summer is now truly over...I'm gutted especially that I have a few more summer recipes up my sleeve and they are getting less

Greek tomato fritters

You know that feeling when you are enthusiastic about a new renovation project when it first starts but as it drags on and on, you tend to start to experience a bit of a wobble now and then? That's me

Vegan pretzel buns

Happy Friday everyone and if case you were looking forward to some plant-based burgers this weekend, I bring you a recipe for vegan pretzel burger buns that quite a few of you expressed interest in

Vegan pulled pork burgers

Happy weekend guys! Hope you have exciting things planned! I'm emerging briefly from my bathroom renovation chaos to bring you a new recipe, which I've been tinkering with in the background. We are 1

Vegan courgette cake

Happy weekend! I hope the sun is out for you! We are back to an average temperature of 20° C (70° F) and fairly frequent cloud coverage... While I miss the heat I am not too upset about this weather

Rice pudding vegan gelato

Happy Fridaaaaay! What a gloriously sunny and hot week it has been in these parts - finally!! It's been so hot that our diet has mostly consisted of iced coffees and gelato this past week, I am NOT