Vegan corn fritters

With all this late summer bounty that is calling to me from the greengrocer's shelves: sweetcorn, cherries, blackberries, fennel, beetroot, courgettes and plums to name just a few, I refuse to believe

Vegan zucchini bread

This past week has seen me making (and eating :) :( ) A LOT of cakes and processing about a ton of apples. Our newly acquired (it's our first summer in the new house) apple tree has surprised us with

Vegan paella

Happy weekend, guys! Mine is going to be a busy one. On Saturday, I am attending my third day-long pottery workshop, which I am super stoked about. I am looking forward to honing my skills and also

Overnight oats

For a long while, our plan for August was to take care of our living room. We planned to strip the wallpaper off the walls, take apart the uber ugly inbuilt cupboards, patch and paint the walls and

Vegan almond cake with summer fruit

Hope you guys are enjoying summer? We have finally had some glorious weather here in Bristol, so I have cleared my schedule so that I can sink into my hammock, podcast in my ears, and top up my

Vegan summer pasta

Summer is here!! Yay! You might be like, Ania, have you been living in a cave? We are officially halfway through summer!! True, but Bristol (and the UK in general) has been a bit summer shy this year

Vegan courgette fritters

I realise that I'm a bit of a late starter in life so perhaps it should come as no surprise that I have only just discovered the Serial podcast, but how did I not know about that before? I have been

Vegan summer rolls with nectarine

As you can tell, I am in a South-East Asian food mood these days. After my take on bun noodles last week, this week we are stuffing our faces with Greekified summer rolls with an addictive almond