Vegan carrot muffins

Today's recipe is very season-appropriate for most of Europe, at least. I say that as, in its typical fashion, Greece is still in two minds about whether it's ready to move into autumn full time.

Vegan duck pancakes

There are not many meat dishes I miss since going vegan, but duck pancakes is definitely one of them. It may sound a bit strange as it's not like I grew up on them (I first tried them in my early 20s)

Vegan Chinese aubergine

September is slowly coming to an end, although you would not have guessed it stepping outside as it's supremely hot this week!

Vegan peanut butter mousse

Man, it was so haaaaard to keep this recipe under wraps! It took a lot of tries to get this puppy just so and once I finally succeeded, I was so excited I wanted to share!! Duncan says I'm like an

Vegan summer rolls with hoisin tofu

Hands up who likes summer rolls? I'm a big fan of them myself but sometimes I feel like they would benefit from being a tad more substantial. Hence I added hoisin marinated tofu to these guys and they

Vegan lasagna

Today, my friends, I have a delicious vegan lasagna for you. Paired with a beautiful green salad of assorted leaves, spring onions, cucumber, capers and lemon vinaigrette dressing, it makes for a

Vegan caper pasta

I have made no secret of the fact that I'm obsessed with capers! I mean those little flower buds pickled in salty brine have the potential to brighten any vegan meal like nothing else.

Asian watermelon salad

The dreaded and suffocating August - favourite with the majority of the tourists - has finally come to an end and the locals can finally breathe and enjoy the island before gale force winds descend on