Spiced plum loaf

Do you have rituals / things you do that help you get through your week? I certainly do, and this week, I have felt a lot of gratitude for the Internet content creators that make my working week a

Miso corn soup

Today has been a day of good news and no, we did not get the house we were bidding on last Friday. The good news I am talking about is about something way more important. Duncan had a post-op checkup

Vegan peanut butter fudge

Happy weekend, you guys! Hope this week has treated you well and that the weekend continues in the same vein. I've had a bit of a challenging start to the week - felt a bit low - but things fell back

Vegan spanakopita – Greek spinach pie

Greece had us at 'hello'! Both Duncan and myself had been to Greece a few times before we met, but I never visited any of the islands until we decided to do some low-key island hopping in the summer

Cold soba noodles

Do you know what a fox mating call sounds like? I didn't until a couple of day ago. The first time we heard it while watching Netflix in the evening, we couldn't figure out what that noise was. It

Granola pots with blackberries

Whaaaat? How did it get to August suddenly? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love August (ever since we moved away from Paros as tourist crazy August there was easily the worst month ever!!), but I

Mexican lunch bowl with spicy crumb

Hope you guys have had a good weekend?! We were both under the weather. Duncan was recovering from his 'nose job' (as he calls his sinus op) and I was nursing a cold, so we spent the weekend cooped up