Vegan tofu korma with greens

Greetings from crazily cold Poland, guys! As luck would have it, the moment I set my foot in Krakow the temperature dropped to an all new low. It oscillates around -8° C (17° F) during the day and

Miso tofu bowl

I've written before about being a visual eater. I've always been drawn to colour, ever since I was a child. I dreamt of going to an art school when I was younger, but never quite had the confidence to

Vegan parsnip soup with miso

How are you guys doing? Hope you enjoyed your weekend? We spent most of ours working, but we managed to sneak out to the cinema (you might have seen our Insta stories) to see 'Lady Bird' (which I

Vegan mac and cheese with pumpkin and sage

We've been having slightly different versions of this dish a lot this winter, especially after Duncan got his braces put in, as it was one of the very few things he could eat without any pain, but I

Vegan peanut butter mousse and jelly tart

With another Valentine's Day just days away (it's on Wednesday, you remember, right?) and the fact that I've starved myself (and you guys too) of any dessert recipes throughout January, I've decided

Sunny veggie bowl with harissa dressing

Well, I was supposed to have this post ready by the end of yesterday, but I couldn't quite get my stuff together. I was doing everything but work yesterday...You know my good old friend -

Vegan walnut cake with coffee frosting

A big Friday slice of vegan walnut cake with coffee frosting anyone? Walnut coffee cake is one of my firm favourites as it combines my two loves...Nuts and coffee. I've been dreaming of making it for