Vegan spinach and ricotta pierogi

I've had several requests for another pierogi recipe and, while I was dragging my feet a bit, I finally rolled up my sleeves (metaphorically and literally) and made a mountain of spinach and tofu

Vegan chocolate torte with amaretto

Regardless of where you stand on the upcoming Valentines day, it's always nice to bake someone a cake or get someone to bake you a cake, isn't it? This fudgy and very indulgent vegan chocolate torte

Vegan cookie sandwiches

Hope you guys are having a good weekend? After a bit of a miserable two weeks, my energy levels are finally almost back to normal and I am almost well. It feels amazing to be able to do simple,

Roasted brussel sprout pasta

Apologies that you haven't heard from me for a week. As you probably know from Instagram or Facebook, I've been struck with some kind of nasty superbug that I could not shake off for ages. Last

Miso mushroom bowl

Hope you guys are well? I am nursing a bit of a cold since Saturday so I haven't been very active or upbeat in the last few days. I spent most of my time staying on the sofa with my cat, watching

Fluffy vegan banana pancakes

Hey guys, happy weekend!! I'll be brief today as it's late and I still have heaps to do. I'm giving a talk at the Stroud Vegan Fair tomorrow morning and instead of preparing, I've spent the last 10

5 ingredient vegan oat cookies

Hello, everyone! Excuse me, but my brain is still in a bit of a post-holiday fog, so I figured I will start off with a simple recipe to sweeten your (and my) week a little. If you find it hard to go

Vegan laksa

I am nearing the end of my stay in Krakow. I've completed a monumental amount of dental treatment whilst here (so it wasn't all fun) and I am glad for it to be over and to be going back home. Having