Vegan chocolate banana bread

I realise I might have missed the banana bread train, which was THE thing to bake at the height of the quarantine but I have been itching to make a double chocolate version of my very popular eggless

Easy vegan BBQ salad

I hope that the weather has been as kind to you as it has been to us, in Bristol. While we have been busy not thinking about how many days it's been since a crafty minuscule virus has stripped us off

Vegan peanut butter brownies

Happy Friday! Hope your week has been peachy and that you have something to look forward to planned for this weekend? We've had a fairly uneventful week of working, mild exercise, meditation and

Vegan bean stew with spring veggies

While I am scheming another sweet recipe (thanks to Anthony for putting himself on the line to help me test!! ;) ), today I made a simple and heart healthy (as little as Β½ cup of cooked beans a day

Vegan wild garlic ravioli

Happy weekend, guys! Wait, do you actually even know what day of the week it is!? Despite some conflicting and downright nonsensical government advice this week (I often wonder how do these people

Vegan burrito bowl

Hope you guys are doing well and not suffering from cabin fever too much yet? I must say that I'm struggling a little lately, not in a big way, but I am feeling a little uprooted. Days merge into each

Vegan coconut cookie sandwich

Happy weekend, everyone! Hope you've had a good week? The UK has seen a good dose of sunshine this weekend, which we have taken full advantage of, by hanging out in the garden and going out for long