Lemongrass aubergine neatballs

I'm so glad it's Friday at last as this week has been a bit testing, to be honest. Duncan had his sinus operation on Wednesday and he has been so unfazed by it - he spent a lot of time in hospitals in

Roasted tomato and basil pasta

Today, I'm coming at you with a simple, midweek, roasted tomato pasta with basil that I've been making a lot lately. I am so in love with my hammock that any excuse to cut down on the time spent in

Vegan sponge with berries and cream

Another weekend has rolled along at last! It's been a bit frantic in our household since my last post as we finally stumbled across a house that ticks almost all of our boxes and is within our price

Oil-free granola – two ways

Good weekend, y'all? We've had a really good, relaxing weekend spent outside in the glorious weather enjoying the company of good friends, good food and insane amounts of iced coffee. We even managed

Peanut tofu burgers

Happy Friday, guys! After the high of getting married, it's back to reality for us. Duncan is having an operation, the cat is having behavioural issues, the gorgeous summer weather appears to have

Summer zucchini bolognese

Forgive me a bit of a basic recipe today, guys, but I do have a pretty good excuse actually. We got married yesterday and my head is still in a bit of a haze :) . We had an amazing day - thank you for

Vegan coconut and lime drizzle cake

If my carefully stylised photos have fooled you into thinking that all my cakes always come out on point, think again. This coconut and lime drizzle cake was a true labour of love. Apart from some

Vegan broccoli pasta with almond bacon

Mother Nature has finally let us have some properly summery weather, here in England. I've been loving sitting in my garden, with Tina slumped in the shade nearby, reading, sipping a cold brew coffee