Black olive tapenade

In my books, a good olive tapenade is a vegan's best friend. It's dead easy to make and super versatile. Its strong, sour-salty taste will easily jazz up even the most boring of dishes. I love to

Raw salted caramel brownies

This recipe is an ideal hot weather treat that is perfect for placating your sweet tooth when you are on a bit of a health kick. Don't get me wrong, these brownies aren't diet food. They are, however,

Raw apricot buckwheat “porridge”

This fresh, raw, gluten-free breakfast might be just the thing to add some much-needed variety to breakfast. I don't know about you guys but it seems that breakfasts tend to be the kind of meals

Vegan puttanesca

Today's recipe is hands-down our favourite pasta dish. I have also cooked it for many of our friends who came to stay (or whose kitchens I invaded in an attempt not to make our veganism a complete