Vegan Kung Pao chicken

Today's dish is a vegan version of Jamie Oliver's creation - Kung Pao Chicken. Jamie seems like a great guy and, as people who are passionate about good food, we are grateful to him for all the

Vegan summer rolls with peanut sauce

Vietnamese cuisine is one of my absolute favourites, especially in the warmer weather when it is fragrant and fresh flavours are so refreshing. Today's dish is a Vietnamese classic with a Greek

Vegan peach and almond galette

This dish is a celebration of a booming peach season here in Greece. Peaches (and their smooth cousins - nectarines) are everywhere and you'll be crazy not to fill your boots. They are cheap, sweet

Chilled watermelon gazpacho

Many people have an issue with a soup that is served cold. I guess people from the colder climes tend to associate a bowl of soup with comfort - it warms them up when the weather outside is vile.

Vegan burrito bowl with 2 dressings

No matter how vicious winter's storms are here, Greek summer NEVER disappoints. This week we are enjoying 30 degrees Celsius and we're hitting the beach every day 'after work'. I'm usually putting my

Vegan pasta alla Norma

During my teenage years when, like most teenagers, I was obsessing about my weight, I avoided eating pasta as I was convinced that it was fattening. It wasn't until I fell in love with cooking many