Healthy vegan chocolate mousse

I'm so excited to share this recipe with you that I could hardly wait :) . When I set out to attempt this - no chocolate, no sugar - aquafaba-based vegan mousse, I was pretty sure it would be a

Vegan black forest cake

As Greece appears to be in the stone fruit season here, today my beloved cherries (I don't think I've ever met a fruit I didn't like...actually, I still need a bit of convincing from Durian ;) ) take

Peach salad with maple balsamic glaze

Juicy peaches are one of my earliest travel memories. My parents have always been massive fans of travelling, and having kids or being trapped behind the Iron Curtain wasn't going to stop them.

Vietnamese tempeh noodle salad

Summer is here, finally!! It's getting so hot that when I sneak to the beach after my photoshoot, it's still pretty warm despite it being 5pm. Even the sea water is warm enough for me, which is not

Dakos salad

Seeing how enthused you guys were about my vegan gyros, I've decided to continue with Greek-inspired dishes for a bit longer. After all, Greek cuisine is made for summer time, which we are on the cusp

Vegan gyros

As promised, today I bring you another Greek-inspired recipe that goes well with Tuesday's tzatziki recipe. I never thought I would create a vegan version of this dish as gyros is quintessentially a

Vegan tzatziki

After Friday's dessert bonanza, today I have a simple side dish recipe for you. It's an iconic Greek mezze that is famous the world over and something that I really missed once I quit dairy.