Vegan vegetable soup

While I am not a massive soup eater at any other time of the year, winter is an exception. Being someone who appears to feel cold quite easily and acutely, I crave all the comfort I can get. This year

Vegan peanut butter cookies

I cannot believe it's been almost a month since I've last published a sweet recipe - that's so unlike me and I'm rushing to correct that asap. I must admit that while there have been no desserts on

Healthier vegan pad thai

Pad thai, who hasn't yet fallen head over heels for this addictive concoction of flavours that triggers all the pleasure centres in the brain? I am a huge fan of this dish and have already attempted a

Vegan gnocchi bake

Are you guys ready for some serious comfort food? I hope you are as I have a perfect recipe for you! It's become a bit cold again around these parts and one or two runs in the freezing cold that I've

Baked falafels

Like many of you, I bet, I am a massive fan of falafels. They are the ultimate vegan food, aren't they? I was introduced to them in my early 20s by an ex-boyfriend who otherwise was a bit of a waste

Vegan jackfruit tagine

Hope you guys have had a good week! I have started mine on an even keel, with everything coming together just fine, to crash down on Thursday and remain in a funk on Friday. Nothing big has happened,

Vegan multiseed crackers

Happy New Year everyone, hope you managing to keep your spirits up despite continued, pandemic-related doom and gloom. UK hopes of things returning slowly to a semblance of normality after the

Baked vegan spring rolls

How ready are you to wave this terrible year goodbye, guys? Really! I know it's only symbolic as it's not like Covid will pack up and leave but I think it's psychologically important as it's been