Summer farro salad

I finally got my wish and the weather in Bristol is sizzling hot. Too hot for my Greek-born kitty, who having lived here now for almost 4 years is no longer used to relentless summer heat. It looks as

Perfect no-bake vegan cheesecake

Another weekend, another dessert :) I don't know why but whenever I plan my weekend recipe I more often than not seem to land on a dessert! It's probably because my mom used to bake at the weekends

Vegan banh mi with lemongrass meatballs

After a pretty rough week, I'm back with some renewed inspiration and a promise to myself to look after my mental health a little bit better by staying off social media more (it makes me feel anxious

Fennel salad with blackberries

If you follow me on social, you probably know that I have not had the best week this week. I skipped my usual Wednesday post as I've been feeling a bit burned out. Everything felt like pushing water

Vegan cannelloni with spinach ricotta

Happy weekend, guys! Hope you have something good planned for the next two days. I'll spend most of my time in front of my computer unfortunately, but I'm working on my bathroom design so that's fun

Vegan artichoke pasta

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are getting some glorious sunshine today - we are and I'm hoping for another mini heatwave soon as, whilst pretty, it's quite cold at the moment - especially for

Vegan strawberry galette

Happy weekend, guys! Hope you've got some fun planned for the next two days? Myself and my furry daughter - Tina - are watching the fort this weekend as Duncan has gone away to do some white water