Vegan lemon poppy seed cake

It's the weekend at last. Even though it's another DIY weekend for us, I am looking forward to it as we are finally putting the last coat of paint on our living room walls, woop woop. The walls are

Vegan sesame encrusted tofu steaks

I'm having a bit of a tough week if I am honest so I will keep this intro short. I am experiencing lots of negative emotions and while my regular routine of mediation, yoga and running is helping,

Asian-inspired cabbage rolls

This past week, I committed to being way more serious about regular (that's the key word) meditation, yoga and exercise (running for the moment). I did meditation and yoga twice a day most days and

Vegan rhubarb and ginger cheesecakes

We are at the end of February, spring should be near, but instead I feel like Winter has really dug its heels in. It's wet, gusty and cold and while the sun does muscle out sometimes, it gets easily

Vegan brunch

Today's recipe doesn't feature many photos as I am going through something difficult and that's all I was able to manage. I promised myself not to cut myself up about it. That's life and it ebbs and

Vegan banana blueberry pancakes

How weekend ready are you, guys? I am so very ready and just hoping that the weather will be tame. We are heading off to Wales this weekend to see our friends who live in Mumbles and whom we have not

Vegan yaki udon

While Wednesday is often referred to as hump day, it's been a good day so far. After feeling the wrath of two super storms - Ciara and Dennis - for the past two weeks, the sun is out and the wind has