Vegan Thanksgiving pithiviers

Is anyone else finding it hard to cope with these super short and dark days? I do big time, I must admit. I've been generally struggling with my mood lately, but the lack of sunlight is definitely not

Vegan pecan pie

While we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, vegan pecan pie eating is something I could easily get behind. It happens to combine some of my favourite flavours on Earth: buttery pecans bathed in an

Maple roasted carrots with cranberries

Happy mid-week, guys! After a week in sunny Poland, I am back to playing hide and seek with the sun in Bristol. The days are short and often grey, which poses a massive challenge as far as natural

Creamy pumpkin pasta with coconut bacon

Greetings from Krakow guys, where I am based this week. The sun is shining and I'm about to head off for a run along the Vistula river. It's unseasonably warm here this week and, to my great surprise,

Vegan pumpkin pies

Happy weekend, guys! Hope you've had a good week and have some relaxing weekend plans. Myself and Duncan are celebrating our 9th anniversary this weekend, which is halfway between when we met at

Vegan lentil chilli with walnuts

As the days get shorter and shorter, I begin to find that it's a real challenge to be able to fit running into my working schedule almost every day. As I run in a wood and I am generally a scaredy cat

Vegan pumpkin bread with maple frosting

I am despairing a little bit as when I sat down to plan all my recipes up until Xmas, I realised that 75% of them are sweets!! What can I say, I love tarts, cakes and cookies, and in an ideal world, I