Stuffed dates with peanut butter

We are waving back at you from sunny La Palma - a lesser known Canary Island, which we're currently exploring while soaking up some much needed sunshine. We've been here since Sunday and we've are

Vegan mushroom pasta

Happy weekend everyone! I will be probably changing into flip flops and shorts as you read this as Duncan and I are off on a little, long overdue, sunny break for a week. We've decided to explore one

Vegan potato skins with smoky chickpeas

I received an email from a reader a while ago, who asked me to come up with more breakfast recipes, as she struggled with a lack of variety. I dragged my feet a little, as I am not a massive breakfast

Chocolate nut bars with salt

Duncan is off to a running camp this weekend. I am so jealous, although I am not in reality, as the kind of mileage he will be doing there is totally beyond my reach. I am just jealous of the fact

Vegan spinach and ricotta pierogi

I've had several requests for another pierogi recipe and, while I was dragging my feet a bit, I finally rolled up my sleeves (metaphorically and literally) and made a mountain of spinach and tofu

Vegan chocolate torte with amaretto

Regardless of where you stand on the upcoming Valentines day, it's always nice to bake someone a cake or get someone to bake you a cake, isn't it? This fudgy and very indulgent vegan chocolate torte