Vegan Christmas truffles

And here we go again, another Xmas has caught up with us again. Only two (if, like my family, you start celebrations on Christmas Eve) or three days to go! Do you have everything wrapped up yet? We

Vegan squash Wellington

As promised, today I'm bringing in the big guns - a Xmas centrepiece of butternut squash Wellington that I'm hoping you will be inspired to try out next week. The concept isn't dissimilar to my last

Vegan hasselback potatoes in herby oil

Today's recipe is a simple and delicious side, perfect for the upcoming Xmas festivities. It's hasselback potatoes in garlicky and herby oil, which Duncan insists on calling Hasselhoffs ;) . They will

Miso pumpkin pasta

If, like me, you don't seem to be able to find your place on Earth, you'll be familiar with the following scenario. You are happy and settled but suddenly you get an itch to turn your life upside down

Vegan bread and butter pudding

You know that phrase 'the best thing since sliced bread' (rather unsurprisingly coined by the first industrial manufacturer of pre-sliced supermarket bread) which pronounces something a great

Vegan roasted vegetables with coriander cream

Hope you guys have had a nice weekend? Ours was a bit boring, to be honest. We are sort of mid-move as the estate agent has let us down - what a surprise! - so we haven't been able to fully move into