Yemista – Greek stuffed peppers (vegan)

I hope that summer has made an appearance where you live (well, I mean Northern hemisphere as if it appeared in the Southern it would mean a serious global warming crisis come early), but in case the

Vegan sun-dried tomato pesto

Today’s dish is perfect for busy times. It comes together super quickly and you can make a big batch of it for the future use as keeps extremely well. I’m talking about a vegan sun-dried tomato

Vegan buckwheat pancakes

Who doesn't like a breakfast in bed? Sometimes, when I'm feeling generous and when I somehow manage to drag myself out of the bed early (which is very rare as my sleeping skills are legendary), I

Vegan banana coconut cupcakes

Today, I'm happy to present you with a plate of pretty little vegan banana coconut cupcakes...Unfortunately, getting the recipe together wasn't as pretty and there was a lot of drama.

Vegan sweet potato burgers

I don't know about where you are guys, but with the weather this good, the Greek BBQ and dining 'al fresco' season is now officially open. To celebrate we've cooked up a new kind of veggie burger,

Vegan tabbouleh

Today, I'm continuing my easy (or lazy, depending on viewpoint) theme and have another quick and easy, warm weather recipe for you. This is a bit unlike me, as usually, I tend to over-complicate

Vegan nicoise salad with fried potatoes

After a long winter and a short spell of spring, Greece is heading for summer. I think. We had 24 degrees Celsius here today and you can feel the summer season is now unofficially open. There are

Vegan hazelnut brownies

I must say I didn't quite understand the fuss about baking without eggs until I attempted to bake a vegan version of my all time favourite: chocolate brownies. Now, that's a challenge! I rose to it