Miso pumpkin soup

Paros is getting colder and windier by the day and as it's not exactly a social hub in winter. All I want to do is tuck myself under a blanket, a warm cat on my lap, watch my favourite shows and have

Vegan pierogi with coconut bacon

I don't know if you have ever had a chance to try Polish pierogi, but they are one of my favourite winter comfort foods, so I've decided that it is high time for this recipe. As I mentioned several

Gluten-free double chocolate banana bread

I made this double chocolate banana bread with my neighbour Suzie in mind. She is always happy to take any baked goods off my hands and loves chocolate and bananas. Her (cheeky ;) ) passing comment

Vegan spanakopita triangles

I bet that when you think of Greek food, spanakopita is one the first dishes that springs to mind. Greeks make all sorts of delicious pies, but spanakopita is world famous for a reason - it has flaky

Vegan carrot cake with cashew frosting

I've conquered one of my 'fears' today and finally tackled a proper, adult-size cake :) . My layer-cake phobia hasn't exactly been diagnosed, but I am somehow way more comfortable making small,

Vegan potato pizza with rosemary

Is traditional Italian pizza without cheese even a thing? Si, naturalmente! Pizza con patate e rosmarino proves that a well-made pizza does not need cheese to be delicious and super satisfying. It's

Vegan Malabar curry

Today, I'm continuing a curry theme as I'm in the mood for spicy food tempered with soothing coconut these days. Today's special in Lazy Cat Kitchen's casa is a vegan version of a classic Keralan

Vegan khao soi soup

How does a bowl of warming soup sound to you right now? If winter has moved in to your neck of the woods, then I'm sure you won't be able to resist! Even we, who have been lucky enough to swap cold