Vegan challah with fruit and nuts

Our lazy cat (she is living up to her name!!) home is finally taking shape! We finally have a dining table and chairs, whoop whoop. And we are hoping to finally paint the guest bedroom next weekend so

Sweet potato and black bean bake

It's been almost a week since we've taken residence in this new house and we've been loving it so far. I've loved having a fairly modern and spacious kitchen with plenty of cupboard space and a

Vegan scones

Happy weekend, guys! We are painting this weekend with little breaks for wall paper stripping in another room, but since we've only just started we are in high spirits, very motivated and enjoying the

Vegan BLT salad

I knew this would happen. I've disappeared into a house renovating hole and I am finding it hard to focus on anything else at the moment. As you might know, Duncan and I got the keys to our very first

Sweet potato chocolate cake

Happy weekend, guys! Ours has been a roller coaster of emotions so far and there is more to come, I'm sure. We finally got our house keys yesterday and were able to go back to OUR (still doesn't feel

Easy sweet potato dosa

Hello! How are you guys doing? I'm slowly shaking off my post-holiday blues and getting on with things as this is going to be a busy week for us. We are finally getting our house keys this Friday!!