Pumpkin crostini with rocket pesto

Sometimes, necessity really is the mother of invention. As we were driving to get food shopping done for upcoming recipes, our car broke down on the busiest and most dangerous road on the island, in

Asian veggie bowl with oyster mushrooms

If you've been cooking with me for a while, you know that I have a thing for so called 'buddha bowls' and I thought it was high time for a new one. I love this very visual and uncomplicated way of

Vegan Anzac biscuits

Even though I was born in Australia and lived there for 23 years, it has been a full 15 years since I moved abroad and I'm occasionally prone to a bout of homesickness. Now that I'm living in Greece,

Gluten-free banana muffins

For the past 2.5 hours I have been travelling on a train from another era between Krakow and Warsaw, where I am flying back to Athens from. Our train experiences thus far have been amazing. We've had

Moroccan chickpea stew

I'm sitting in front of a crackling fireplace at my parents' house in Poland, as I write this. It's been extremely cold around these parts lately and even though I obviously grew up here, after years

Vegan red pepper pasta

This vegan red pepper pasta will always remind me of Greece. When we first moved here we used to live on a slight variation of this dish as I was smitten with the local combination of red peppers and

Warm buckwheat and beetroot salad

This recipe will make my mum happy. She is a big buckwheat fan and she keeps on telling me how healthy it is (she is right) and that I should come up with a buckwheat recipe. Relatively unknown in