Giant vegan sausage roll

We are nearly there, guys! For me personally, Christmas is supposed to start tomorrow night as Poland is one of those countries for which Christmas Eve dinner is the official opener and probably the

Cranberry vegan frangipane tart

Not long to go till we can eat ourselves silly in the name of tradition, people! Loosen your belts! I hope you still get to celebrate this year somehow, even if it's in a much smaller circle, and if

Vegan stuffed mushrooms

I needed a breather from all the sweet stuff my kitchen has been busy churning out lately so I've decided to regale you with a deliciously savoury and appropriately Christmassy appetizer today - vegan

Vegan mince pies

It's still a while till Xmas and I cannot zip my jeans up anymore - true story (well, not quite...I have taken to wearing my yoga leggings all day long now to spare myself the heartache of that

Vegan snickerdoodles

Nothing says Xmas like the smell of cinnamon, am I right? And orange zest, and nutmeg and cloves, but cinnamon is right up there and I think it's one spice that pretty much everyone associates with

Christmas vegan biscotti

And it's this time of the year again, cookie baking time. As I've only just started, I am still enthused by it all although my healthy eating seems to have gone out of the window all of a sudden - can

Baked vegan sweet potato hash browns

Hope you guys are warm and cosy as the weather has really started to turn, hasn't it? Or maybe it's just Bristol...It's so gloomy that I am considering sitting in front of my photography light for a

Vegan mushroom stuffing

Despite what many people envisage when they hear what my job is (which I don't really like telling people about as it pretty much always makes the conversation a bit awkward), it is primarily