Vegan cookie sandwiches

Hope you guys are having a good weekend? After a bit of a miserable two weeks, my energy levels are finally almost back to normal and I am almost well. It feels amazing to be able to do simple,

Roasted brussel sprout pasta

Apologies that you haven't heard from me for a week. As you probably know from Instagram or Facebook, I've been struck with some kind of nasty superbug that I could not shake off for ages. Last

Miso mushroom bowl

Hope you guys are well? I am nursing a bit of a cold since Saturday so I haven't been very active or upbeat in the last few days. I spent most of my time staying on the sofa with my cat, watching

Fluffy vegan banana pancakes

Hey guys, happy weekend!! I'll be brief today as it's late and I still have heaps to do. I'm giving a talk at the Stroud Vegan Fair tomorrow morning and instead of preparing, I've spent the last 10

5 ingredient vegan oat cookies

Hello, everyone! Excuse me, but my brain is still in a bit of a post-holiday fog, so I figured I will start off with a simple recipe to sweeten your (and my) week a little. If you find it hard to go

Vegan laksa

I am nearing the end of my stay in Krakow. I've completed a monumental amount of dental treatment whilst here (so it wasn't all fun) and I am glad for it to be over and to be going back home. Having

Winter vegan bowl with roasted carrots

Greetings from freezing cold (yet postcard pretty) Krakow, guys! It was surprisingly mild and wet when I arrived on Sunday night and I almost started wondering why I wasted so much time shopping for a

Vegan larb

As I am flying to Poland again this weekend, I've had to cook a few Asian inspired dishes so that I can handle eating pierogi on repeat for a week :) . Just kidding! There is plenty of fabulous vegan