Vegan raspberry bakewell tart

I've managed to contain my sweet tooth for a while and steer clear of making sweet recipes, but I cracked once I saw beautiful raspberries at my green grocers. All I could think of was is how good

Greek salad with vegan feta

Hope you guys have enjoyed your weekend! We have, very much so! After all my moaning about the weather (which stood in a stark contrast to what we experienced in Greece just over a week ago), the UK

Vegan moussaka with creamy bechamel

After two weeks of relaxation and soaking up the sun in Greece, I thought it's time to treat you guys to some Greek inspired food again. First off, my second take (first one here) on a world-famous

Mango zucchini salad

You know that feeling when you've come back from holidays all tanned and relaxed and suddenly you feel like you cannot cope with your pre-holiday reality? I really have this nagging feeling of wanting

Asian mushroom sandwich

Hope you guys are well and ready for the weekend ahead! We are going to the beach one last time today and then getting ready to return home. We are both sad as we've had a really nice holiday and we

Sprouted buckwheat breakfast bowl

What's your summer go-to breakfast, guys? Mine is usually some kind of bircher muesli, or when it's really hot, like right now in Crete, a big bowl of fruit. Today's recipe is the new kid on the block

Vegan banana bread muffins

Even though vegan banana bread muffins are the last thing I would like to make right now, as we are currently in the middle of a mini heatwave, in Crete, I'm really happy with this 'emergency' recipe

Green summer rolls with mango miso sauce

Greetings from beautifully sunny Crete, guys! We arrived here on Sunday morning and immediately upon landing had a strange mix of feelings. On the one hand, coming back to Greece feels like a