Chickpea crΓͺpes with spring veggies

Hope you guys had a good weekend filled with sunshine, friendly faces and delicious food. Ours was great, we really enjoyed the beautiful sunshine that the weather gods have kindly bestowed on Bristol

Vegan date baklava

I created this recipe a while ago and now, as the weather has suddenly turned almost summery (at least, here, in Bristol it has), I realised that I really need to run with it or else the weather will

Vegan wild garlic pesto

When hiking the hills of North Devon recently, we noticed that the forest had a mild chive-like aroma to it. We looked around and realised why. Every single patch of soil that hadn't already been

Vegan tagine with butternut squash

Is it me or the weather just cannot make up its mind lately? It's been sunny and warm so we have moved on to some lighter, spring fare and now I'm back to huddling by the heater, a mug of hot coffee

Celeriac chips

Finish the following phrase for me please: fish and ... Did I hear you say 'chips'? Yes, I thought so ;) . It's such an instant association, isn't it? At least for me. Well, since on Friday I treated

Vegan fish finger sandwich

Happy Friday, guys! Hope you are well and have some exciting weekend plans to look forward to! I'm juggling finishing off my posts with running errands and packing as tomorrow, we are off to an

Vegan pesto pasta with kale

Hope you guys enjoyed the Easter long weekend? We had grand plans of going hiking somewhere around Bristol, combined with having a picnic and a cake for Duncan's upcoming birthday, but the weather had