Winter vegan bowl with roasted carrots

Greetings from freezing cold (yet postcard pretty) Krakow, guys! It was surprisingly mild and wet when I arrived on Sunday night and I almost started wondering why I wasted so much time shopping for a

Vegan larb

As I am flying to Poland again this weekend, I've had to cook a few Asian inspired dishes so that I can handle eating pierogi on repeat for a week :) . Just kidding! There is plenty of fabulous vegan


Is there anything better than a pot of hot chunky soup when the temperatures outside fall close to freezing? I think not and so this version of ribolitta has been percolating on my stove pretty much

Vegan sweet potato curry

How are you holding up, guys? I hope that the festive period has not taken too much of a toll on you? Have you made any New Year's resolutions? Are they sticking? My main resolution is to take better

Aussie bloke’s intro to veganism

G'day, my name is Duncan and I've been a vegan for over 4.5 years. It's been a journey full of new experiences, trials and tribulations, but it is not something I would change for all the money in the

Vegan mini pizzas

Hope you guys survived Xmas unscathed? We've had a nice, chilled Xmas time that featured some (not a crazy amount of) cooking, some gingerbread making (lots of batches and all of them ended up in our

Gingerbread amaretto chocolate tart

Hello, lazy cats!! This is my last recipe before Xmas, so I've decided to make it count :P . It's an aromatic gingerbread tart filled with the most luxurious and indulgent chocolate amaretto ganache.

Vegan amaretti cookies

While I am dreaming of a white Xmas - which, let's face it does not look likely - I have decided to make myself a tray of snow-covered cookies instead :) . They are my eggless take on the famous