Chocolate tahini cookies

As many of you know I live on a small Greek island called Paros. This year the wonderful Greek climate has been fighting against the chillier autumn weather and we've been lucky enough to enjoy warm

Greek fava with caramelised onions

Contrary to what many people seem to think, hummus isn't Greek and so not something that belongs on a Greek taverna's menu. Greeks do, however, have a similar kind of dish called φάβα (fava),

Vegan nasi goreng with ginger tofu

Nasi goreng simply means 'fried rice' and despite its unassuming name, it is a cracking dish - filling and immensely satisfying! I have a particularly soft spot for it as it reminds me of one of my

Cappuccino vegan cups

I've been a massive coffee fan since I can remember. I think it must have started with my grandma and her deep love for coffee and ice-cream (ideally both at once!). Every time we would visit, she

Sugar-free cinnamon rolls

I've always been a coffee person. I was born in Melbourne, which is a place of outstanding coffee so I've grown up loving the ritual of meeting friends in the cafe for coffee.

Vegan beet hummus

My recent foray into ravioli got me making and roasting beets for the ravioli filling and has inspired me to make vegan beet hummus again, something I love to eat but haven't made in a while (as I

Vegan brookies

How do you guys feel about 'brookies'? I know, when I first heard about them I was a bit like 'what?!?!', but after a very mindful sampling ;) , I'm totally in.

Gluten-free ravioli with beetroot filling

Yes, I did publish a ravioli recipe last week, but today it is time for the sequel! Once I published pumpkin and vegan ricotta ravioli last Friday, all hell broke loose. I got inundated with questions