Pumpkin kibbeh

Even though we still haven't said goodbye to summer in these parts (we were on the beach this past weekend), pumpkins have already made an appearance on our green grocer's shelves.

Vegan black bean tacos

Ladies and gentlemen, it's taaaaaco time! 'Why?' you ask... 'Cos it's Tuesday and Taco Tuesday is apparently a thing, although not in the part of the world I'm from.

Vegan tarte tatin

Now that autumn is finally here, we have a classic French recipe to share with you: vegan tarte tatin. This dish marries up apples, autumn spices and brandy and presents them on a deliciously flaky

Vegan ricotta cheese

This is my first cheese recipe, but there will be more, promise! Before I went vegan, cheese was something I didn't think I would be able to live without, but it turns out I was wrong.

Quinoa superfood salad

Following a bit of an ice-cream sandwich splurge at the weekend, I've decided it's time for a bit of food penance so today I'm all about 'oh-so-good-for-you' quinoa superfood salad.

Vegan and gluten-free ice cream sandwiches

Are you guys fans of ice cream sandwiches? I hope so, as this is what is on the menu today! At times when sticking your head into the fridge at regular intervals seems like an inspired idea, sinking