Vegan baklava cigars

Baklava is one of these things that I did not use to like until I came of age. When my gran brought it back from one of her travels to Turkey when I was young, I pronounced it 'too sweet' (can you

Fig and rocket salad with ouzo dressing

Contrary to what many tourists who descend on our little island might expect, August isn't the nicest time to be here. Most of the locals know to clear out for this month as the island gets scorching

Vegan mango and ginger cheesecake

I've been reminiscing about how obscenely sweet and juicy the mangoes were when I spent a month with Duncan travelling around Australia. I was reconciled with the fact that my mango recipe ideas will

Tahini and amaranth energy bars

In case you've missed it, my fiancΓ© is currently cycling his butt off across Crete. Him and his mates are attacking some ridiculously steep hills in +30 degrees C temperatures on a daily basis. I