Moroccan salad bowl with preserved lemons

Laters, I am off for a quick sojourn to Morocco... I wish! At least my tastebuds are though. After the indulgence of Duncan's famous chocolate and orange twists and 6-stage testing for another sweet

Chocolate and orange twists

It's been a while since Duncan's buns (and other baked goods) made an appearance on the blog so I was very thrilled when he announced that he is willing to bake something again. He was like, 'you know

Tofu bánh mì with vegan Sriracha mayo

Bánh mì is a brilliant example of colliding food cultures. It owes its familiar form of a crusty baguette to the French, yet its palate-tingling array of complex flavours and textures is totally

Smooth hummus topped with chilli oil

I recently realised that my blog must be the only vegan food blog in the world without a basic hummus recipe! Can you believe it? I hang my head in shame and dash off to peel my chickpeas...'WHAT?' I

Vegan marzipan truffles – 2 ways

If you are marzipan fans then you are in for a treat today. At Duncan's request, I made a big stash of vegan marzipan truffles. They are sooooo simple and so much fun to make too.

Vegan kale chips

I must admit that when I first came across vegan kale chips in a health food store, I thought it was a bit of a well-marketed fad. I couldn't quite imagine how crisped up leaves would be nice to eat.

Vegan sushi bowl

As much as I like making sushi rolls, sometimes I simply get lazy. When I am after sushi-like flavours without all the work involved (cooking, fanning and seasoning sushi rice and rolling things into

Vegan tomato sauce pasta

As much as it pains me to admit this my life isn't all about making dainty vegan desserts. Sometimes real-life stuff gets in the way and the girl cannot afford to spend hours in the kitchen agonising