Green detox stir-fry

Happy New Year, guys! Have you made any resolution yet for 2016? My food-related resolution this year is to curb my sweet tooth. I intend to give up sweet treats for January, which means you won't

Vegan meringue kisses

I realise that you are all probably quite full after Christmas, but I made an obscene amount of these cute little meringue kisses over Christmas and as soon as they came out of the oven, I could

Merry Christmas

Today, we simply wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas. Hope you are spending it with your nearest and dearest, in a good, jovial atmosphere surrounded by delicious, homecooked food.

Vegan sticky toffee pudding

Sticky toffee pudding is our favourite British dessert. It's very indulgent, rich and aromatic and it firmly belongs in winter. Each bite reminds me of my past London life. It takes me back to long

Gözleme with beetroot and horseradish

Today's lunch is inspired by Turkish cuisine, one of my personal favourites. I fell in love with it in London where I lived just a stone's throw from a thriving Turkish district. This is where I first

Winter tacos with chimichurri sauce

Today's recipe makes a quick and dirty (not literally ;) ) lunch. We have had a lot on recently and sometimes when you are really engrossed in the work you're doing and your stomach starts rumbling

Vegan latkes with sour cream – two ways

Today, I've gone back to my roots and made a mountain of crispy golden vegan latkes (or 'placki ziemniaczane' as I know them) for dinner. Even though most people associate latkes with Hanukkah -

Pumpkin, spinach and walnut spaghetti

It's almost the middle of the week so today's dish is a no fuss, simple, mid-week supper. If, like me, you always have a container full of roasted pumpkin in your fridge during autumn, you will have