Vegan chana masala

Vegan chana masala is a perfect dish for cold winter days when you feel like something comforting yet uncomplicated.

Mexican potato skins

A typical Greek island winter has no shortage of sun accompanied by strong winds and an occasional ferocious storm. My biggest challenge is fitting my running sessions in around the blustery days.

Easy vegan meatballs

My dad once asked me why vegans are often so desperate to recreate typical meat dishes - burgers, meatballs, pΓ’tΓ© etc. My answer was that most of us did not give up meat because we don't like its

Indonesian gado-gado salad

Let me introduce to you the famous Indonesian gado-gado salad. Some of you may be thinking 'isn't it a bit too cold for a salad?' Well, depends on the salad and where you live, of course.

Vegan flourless pistachio cookies

I love eating well and feeling healthy, but I do have one weakness, which tends to rear its ugly head now and again. In case my free e-book full of sweet recipes hasn't conveyed that impression, I