Muhammara – red pepper and walnut dip

This recipe is dedicated to my lovely mum, firstly because I think she would really like the taste of this dip (in fact, I'm going to make it for her when I visit in August). And secondly, because my

Vegan sushi and homemade pickled ginger

Sushi is one of these things that seem really daunting to make at home. I was like this too until I tried one day and realised that it's not actually that hard. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm talking

Vegan Kung Pao chicken

Today's dish is a vegan version of Jamie Oliver's creation - Kung Pao Chicken. Jamie seems like a great guy and, as people who are passionate about good food, we are grateful to him for all the

Vegan summer rolls with peanut sauce

Vietnamese cuisine is one of my absolute favourites, especially in the warmer weather when it is fragrant and fresh flavours are so refreshing. Today's dish is a Vietnamese classic with a Greek

Vegan peach and almond galette

This dish is a celebration of a booming peach season here in Greece. Peaches (and their smooth cousins - nectarines) are everywhere and you'll be crazy not to fill your boots. They are cheap, sweet