Vegan panna cotta with figs

Strangely, today's recipe for vegan panna cotta is the very first recipe I did for this blog. It was almost a year ago when the idea for the Lazy Cat Kitchen was born and, as it was end of summer, the

Mediterranean vegan sandwich

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce my favourite vegan sandwich of the moment. It's crispy and soft at the same time. It's nicely salty, super colourful, moist and super easy to make too. It makes

Black olive tapenade

In my books, a good olive tapenade is a vegan's best friend. It's dead easy to make and super versatile. Its strong, sour-salty taste will easily jazz up even the most boring of dishes. I love to

Raw salted caramel brownies

This recipe is an ideal hot weather treat that is perfect for placating your sweet tooth when you are on a bit of a health kick. Don't get me wrong, these brownies aren't diet food. They are, however,