Raw apricot buckwheat “porridge”

This fresh, raw, gluten-free breakfast might be just the thing to add some much-needed variety to breakfast. I don't know about you guys but it seems that breakfasts tend to be the kind of meals

Vegan puttanesca

Today's recipe is hands-down our favourite pasta dish. I have also cooked it for many of our friends who came to stay (or whose kitchens I invaded in an attempt not to make our veganism a complete

Vegan cherry cobbler

When it comes to crumbles, I believe that British chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall sums it up best in saying that a crumble is "not to seduce the eye so much as to have rural rumpy-pumpy with your

Thai mango salad

Today's recipe is a Thai-inspired mango salad designed to be a delicious light meal on a hot summer's day. This dish balances the sweetness and warmth of the mango with the acidity of the lime juice

Chocolate and walnut vegan challah

When Duncan and I first started dating, I was very impressed that the boy can cook. He made me a lovely meal on one of our first dates and I don't think I let him know just how food obsessed I was

Crispy potato wedges with wasabi dip

Living on a Greek island isn't the worst thing in the world. In fact, as I sit here in a 20 degree evening after having come in from a lovely swim in the sparkling Aegean sea, I have to admin that

Muhammara – red pepper and walnut dip

This recipe is dedicated to my lovely mum, firstly because I think she would really like the taste of this dip (in fact, I'm going to make it for her when I visit in August). And secondly, because my