Vegan carrot cake with delicate frosting

Right, so this is the carrot cake I was on about on Tuesday. After a few days break, I was ready embrace cake making again. As you can see by the short instructions, it is super easy to make and it

Easy falafels

Even before I went vegan, falafels (the ultimate vegan snack) were one of my favourite things to eat. In London, you can find them very easily, both at Middle Eastern restaurants (several countries

Red cabbage and avocado salad

Following last week's decadent chilli chocolate tart recipe, which involved quite a few testing rounds, I felt the need to do "food penance" and have more salad this week - except that I love

Chilli chocolate tarts

I cannot live without chocolate. I know it sounds rather dramatic, but chocolate is one thing that I just couldn't possibly imagine giving up.

Almond ginger cookies

Working for yourself can be challenging and scary, but it can also be massively rewarding at the same time. What is difficult is the lack of a set routine. When you work at an office, for example,

Homemade almond flour

When you make almond milk at home, you end up with A LOT of almond pulp as a by-product! Before you reach for the bin, hang on a second - did you know could put it to a very good use and make your