Broad bean hummus

It was meant to be a sweet post today, but I came to my senses. I realised that if I post dessert recipes as often as I would like to, I will have to exercise twice as much as I do now. Still, I

Gigantes Plaki

-> FOR A NEW, IMPROVED RECIPE, VISIT THIS POST.During my London life, I often wondered why the British nation is so in love with tinned baked beans. People would pour warmed up baked beans on to a

Vegan chocolate orange pots

First things first. I did say I was getting off sweets for a few weeks, but ahem...what can I say, I'm a weak-willed individual and yes, I did make another dessert...Glad we got that out of the way:)

South Indian coconut curry

This has been a long long winter as far as Greek island winters go. Last year was our first winter on the island and we couldn't believe what these guys here call winter. The weather was stunning most

Vegan naan bread

I've always loved naan bread. I remember we used to go to our local Indian Restaurant (in Australia) and my favourite part would be the hot naan straight from the oven.

Vegan moussaka

NOTE: check out my new, improved recipe for vegan moussaka here.A while ago, I set myself a challengeΒ ofΒ making a plant-based version of a quintessentially meaty dish: moussaka. After all, I

Vegan carrot cake with delicate frosting

Right, so this is the carrot cake I was on about on Tuesday. After a few days break, I was ready embrace cake making again. As you can see by the short instructions, it is super easy to make and it