Chilled watermelon gazpacho

Many people have an issue with a soup that is served cold. I guess people from the colder climes tend to associate a bowl of soup with comfort - it warms them up when the weather outside is vile.

Vegan burrito bowl with 2 dressings

No matter how vicious winter's storms are here, Greek summer NEVER disappoints. This week we are enjoying 30 degrees Celsius and we're hitting the beach every day 'after work'. I'm usually putting my

Vegan pasta alla Norma

During my teenage years when, like most teenagers, I was obsessing about my weight, I avoided eating pasta as I was convinced that it was fattening. It wasn't until I fell in love with cooking many

Vegan coconut truffles with rum

Developing new recipes can be immensely satisfying, especially if you are a bit of a nerd, but it can also be extremely frustrating when things don't come together. You end up binning lots of high

Yemista – Greek stuffed peppers (vegan)

I hope that summer has made an appearance where you live (well, I mean Northern hemisphere as if it appeared in the Southern it would mean a serious global warming crisis come early), but in case the

Vegan sun-dried tomato pesto

Today’s dish is perfect for busy times. It comes together super quickly and you can make a big batch of it for the future use as keeps extremely well. I’m talking about a vegan sun-dried tomato

Vegan buckwheat pancakes

Who doesn't like a breakfast in bed? Sometimes, when I'm feeling generous and when I somehow manage to drag myself out of the bed early (which is very rare as my sleeping skills are legendary), I