Roasted beetroot hummus

When I was a kid, I really used to despise beetroot. It was mainly due to a particular type of unimaginative beetroot salad that was served for lunch in my kindergarden. The memory of my teacher

Mini wild mushroom calzones

We are big on mushrooms in Poland. When I was little, my friends' parents used to take us to pick wild mushrooms in the forest. Although I loved mushrooms, the forest and the process of foraging for

Barszcz – Polish beetroot broth

I think I might have mentioned that I used to hate beets as a child. Even though that's true, barszcz was definitely an exception. I loved it, especially the Christmas version which is served with

Vegan nut butter

When I first learnt that you can make almost any vegan nut butter at home so easily, I was beyond excited (possibly I need to get out more).

Simple vegetable stock

Years ago, I used to think that making your own stock is super time consuming and complicated and because of that I never used to bother. My first attempt did nothing to change my mind as I somehow