Vegan Balinese-style banana pancakes

A few years ago, we went to Bali to attend Duncan's good friend's wedding. It was, honestly, one of the best weddings we've been to.  The setting was absolutely breath-taking, the wedding guests

Vegan chocolate truffles – two ways

Like many good things in life, truffles were invented by a complete accident. One of the apprentices of a famous French chef was trying to make a pastry cream, but his brain malfunctioned (or so it

Vegan sliders with crispy chips

As I'm a woman true to my word, I've got another beetroot recipe for you today. This time the beetroot gets a bit of kick from Sriracha and some gentle pan-frying action. It gets served in a delicious

Fluffy vegan brioche buns

A brioche is an enigmatic and diverse piece of French baking. I have seen brioches that look like giant Panettones, brioches with almond and nougat inside and brioche buns that are so sweet that they

Flax and chia eggs explained

The main challenge for plant-based cooking is the fact that eggs are off-limits. While not everyone loves them (I have never been a massive fan except for shakshuka), they are very useful;

Roasted beetroot hummus

When I was a kid, I really used to despise beetroot. It was mainly due to a particular type of unimaginative beetroot salad that was served for lunch in my kindergarden. The memory of my teacher