Vegan apple cake

Vegan apple cake

vegan apple cake sliced

Welcome to autumn, with days getting cooler and darker and Christmas trinkets on display in most supermarkets, it’s most certainly here despite me trying to be in denial 🙂 – I mean didn’t we just have a heatwave a week and a half ago? I shall open the proceedings with a quintessentially autumnal dessert, which sits firmly amongst my personal favourites – vegan apple cake.

This vegan apple cake is really easy to make – one bowl kind of easy. It is moist, studded with apple pieces, fragrant with spices (I love both cinnamon and cardamom in my apple cake), with just the right amount of sweetness and topped with a layer of crunchy crumble. What’s not to like? You can enjoy it on its own or with a scoop of vegan ice-cream or vegan custard if you are feeling exuberant. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have!

vegan apple cake apples

I made my cake with sweet eating apples from my garden (which somehow have survived my negligent reign) as we always get so many we struggle to eat them and give them away before they go off. You could use sour apples, like Bramley here in the UK, and perhaps a touch more sugar in the batter if you prefer a bit more sweet-sour contrast in your apple cakes.

vegan apple cake wet ingredients

Prep the apples and combine wet ingredients in a large mixing bowl. If using muscovado sugar like I did, crumble it with your fingers first as it tends to clump up quite a lot, but don’t sweat it if a few lumps get through.

vegan apple cake adding flour

Once you combine all the wet ingredients, sift through dry ingredients in two to three batches mixing well after each batch. To minimise lumps, mix by making small circles in the middle of the bowl, making them progressively larger and therefore incorporating more and more flour.

vegan apple cake adding apples

Add cubed apples, mix thoroughly then transfer to a prepared baking tin. Top the batter with fanned apple slices and move on to make the crumble topping.

vegan apple cake crumble

Make the crumble topping in a small bowl then scatter over the apples. Bake until the top is golden brown and the skewer comes out clean.

vegan apple cake

vegan apple cake side

vegan apple cake slice

20 cm / 8"
20 min
45 min
20 cm / 8"
20 min
45 min


  • 300 g / 10.5 oz eating apples, plus 1 more to decorate
  • 100 g / ½ cup neutral oil (I used mild olive oil)
  • 175 g / heaped ¾ cup muscovado sugar, I used light and dark
  • 7 ml / ½ tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 7 ml / ½ tbsp vanilla extract, (optional)
  • 240 ml / 1 cup soy milk (oat or almond work too)


  • 250 g / 2 cups all purpose flour
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 2 tsp cinnamon + ½ tsp ground cardamom (freshly ground is best!)
  • ¾ tsp baking soda (GF certified if needed)
  • 1½ tsp baking powder (GF certified if needed)


  • 45 g / 1/3 cup flour
  • 25 g / 2 tbsp sugar (I used demerara sugar)
  • 35 g / 2 heaped tbsp softened vegan butter, I used Violife
  1. Set the oven temperature to 160° C / 320° F (no fan), grease and line a 20 cm / 8 inch round tin with baking paper.
  2. Cut the apples for the cake into small (about 0.75 cm / 0.3 inch) dice. I kept the skin on but you can peel them if you’d rather. Cut the apple for decoration into thin slices. Set aside.
  3. In a large bowl, combine, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and vanilla extract. Gradually mix in sugar – use your fingers to break up lumps but don’t worry if there are a few lumps left. Add in soy milk and mix to combine.
  4. Place a sieve over the bowl and sift dry ingredients into the wet ones in 2-3 batches, stirring gently after each batch. Use small circular motion from the middle of the bowl initially to minimise the risk of flour lumps forming.
  5. Finally stir through diced apples and transfer the mixture to the prepared baking tin.
  6. Combine flour and sugar for the topping in a small bowl, add cubed butter and use your fingers to rub the butter into the dry ingredients until it forms clumps.
  7. Arrange apple slices on top of the cake and scatter crumble topping on top.
  8. Bake in a pre-heated oven for 45-50 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean.
14 g
8 g
1 g
2 g
29 g
*per 1 out of 16 servings
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3 reviews, 11 comments
Can we use oat flour
    Hi Anu, I haven't tested with oat flour but I think so. I think you would also need to add some cornstarch (say 25% of total flour amount) and a flax egg (mix 1 tbsp ground flax + 3 tbsp water, set aside for 15 minutes) for better binding. Hope this helps! Ania
Cynthia Quiroz:
I’ve made it twice and plan to take to a dinner party early November. The first time I made it with the extra apple on top, the second time with the apple on the bottom. Both came out beautifully. I ground my own cardamom which I think makes a nice difference. Delicious!
    Thank you Cynthia, I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed this apple cake! I agree freshly ground cardamom makes the world of a difference, absolutely. x Ania
Another great recipe Ania thanks so much. We are blessed to have an apple tree in our garden too so I am always looking for new ways of eating them. This was a hit with everyone and the topping added a new dimension. So tasty, thank you.
    Thank you Katie, I am delighted to hear that you and your guests/family enjoyed this cake and that you found a new, tasty way to use up your apple bounty. x Ania
Would this need adjustments if it's baked in an 8 inch square pan ? Thank you!
    Hi JL,
    8 inch square pan equals 9 inch round pan so the cane will spread more and therefore it may require shorter baking time to cook through. Hope it works out well. x Ania
just made it and it came out perfect, like everything of yours that i made :)
    Aw thank you Roi, that makes me so happy to hear! x Ania
This cake is wonderful! moist and fluffy, lightly spiced and not too sweet but with that sweet streusel on top. it popped into my inbox the very day I was thinking I want to make an apple cake this week with my harvest... that time of year I suppose ☺️
    I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed this cake, Robyn, and absolutely - using homegrown apples makes it even more comforting, doesn't it? Thank you for letting me know that it was such a success. x
hi, looks lovely! could it be frozen in individual portions pls?
    Thanks Trish, I have not freezing it yet so I cannot be 100% sure, but I don't see why not. Ania
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