Vegan white chocolate

Vegan white chocolate

vegan white chocolate bars

I will make my today’s post short and sweet (literally!!). I have been experiencing quite a lot of anxiety over the past few days and I therefore need to spend as much time away from the computer as possible. Today’s recipe could not be simpler, it literally requires you to melt something over a water bath, stir some other ingredients in, pour into a mould and wait a little and you can enjoy delicious, homemade, vegan white chocolate.

These vegan white chocolate bars have some toasted flaked almonds embedded in them for added flavour and some pleasant crunch (a bit like Almond Bliss bars from Vego, which I enjoy) but if you are not keen on almonds you can simply skip them or ad something else instead. Toasted hazelnuts, dried sour cherries or unsweetened cranberries, chunks of candied ginger would all make a lovely addition. I hope you’ll enjoy these and if you do, it would mean a lot to me if you could return to leave a review. Oh and you are not a vegan white chocolate fan, you may want to try this recipe instead.

vegan white chocolate ingredients

vegan white chocolate making

vegan white chocolate pouring

vegan white chocolate set

vegan white chocolate side

200 g / 7 oz
10 min
10 min
200 g / 7 oz
10 min
10 min
  1. Gently toast flaked almonds on a dry frying pan, until golden and fragrant. Set aside to cool.
  2. Chop your cacao butter up small (unless it comes in buttons / drops) and melt it over a double boiler, making sure the bowl with the cacao butter does not touch the water underneath and that the flame is low as cacao butter does not like excessive heat.
  3. Once melted, whisk in cashew butter, followed by sifted icing sugar and coconut milk powder, sea salt and vanilla extract. Whisk until well incorporated.
  4. Pour melted chocolate into clean (and dry!) moulds. Top with toasted almonds.
  5. Put on a chopping board and place into the fridge for a few hours, until set.

This recipe creates 2 x 100 g / 3½ oz chocolate bars. These are the moulds I use.

*SUGAR: You can use maple syrup (or other liquid sweetener) instead but the chocolate will be a little softer.

22 g
60 g
28 g
11 g
35 g
*per 100g bar
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3 reviews, 5 comments
I used to get the most delicious vegan salted caramel chocolate in Australia. The brand was called loving earth. Unfortunately, I can’t get anything like it here in Colombia. Your recipe tastes almost exactly the same, I’ve made it probably 5 times now! Thank you so much Ania!!
    Omg, that's such a compliment - I could not dream to have an expertise of a commercial chocolatier! Thanks so much for your kind words, Jess and I really appreciate you taking the time to write this lovely review. Ania
Hi Ania, Thanks for another super recipe!
I was needing white chocolate for an Entremet experiment and could not find the appropriate vegan version locally. So I decided to try and make yours once I finally managed to find some unadulterated coconut milk powder (which was also a mission to find)! Your recipe worked beautifully! I made my own cashew nut butter and as the coconut powder was ludicrously expensive, I decided to try and use all other additional required ingredients as wholesome as possible. So I made my own confectioners sugar from organic coconut blossom too. The end result was a beautiful salted caramel type chocolate that has held extremely well , even out of the fridge. I use a very strong sea salt, so over flavoured it with that a bit much but the chocolate was really good, if not quite the 'white' chocolate I had set out to do! I have not tried it in baking yet. Maybe I will make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and add some to that to see how it fairs. Fortunately I have now found a chocolatier who is making white chocolate for me for my entremet experiment, so I can just enjoy eating the one I made from your recipe on its own!
    Thank you for your kind review, Leigh. I'm glad you enjoyed this recipe and your entremet experiment sounds really exciting! Entremet desserts have this perfect look about them - my hat off to you, you must have some mean pastry skills. x Ania
It sounds delicious and would love to try it, dear! But here in Greece I cant find soy milk powder. Could I omit it?
Kisses from Zakynthos♥️
    Hi Eleni mou :) ,
    You can replace some of it with cashew and cacao butter but the flavour of cacao butter will be more pronounced in the end product. I would do an extra 20 g cacao butter and 20 g cashew butter. Hope this helps. x Ania
Hi Ania,
Thanks so much for this white choc recipe! I have been wanting to make your white choc and raspberry cookies, and cant find vegan rsf white choc anywhere here!
In regards to your anxiety, and away from computer time, I hear you. I have been distracting myself so much recently on my phone with mindless watching and scrolling and it is so self destructive to my state of mind.
I suffer, in stages, with anxiety, and have found Himalaya's Geriforte tablets (a mix of natural Ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs-including Ashwaghanda) to really help - start for 1 week taking 2 tablets first thing on a morning and 2 tablets last thing at night... Thereafter, you can drop to 1 tablet am and pm... I really have found that they help me, and they work for your bodys needs (adapt-ogens)...
I hope your anxiety gets better...its a horrible thing.
    My pleasure, Aimee. Full disclosure I have not tried using it in cookies so unsure how it fares in the oven. Thank you for your kind words re: my anxiety and I am sorry that it's something you've experienced first hand too! It truly sucks, doesn't it! I'm glad that you found something that has helped - I've never heard of these tablets, will do some research. I have some things that help too (mainly being offline, meditation and yoga) but I am looking into CBT and I am tempted to give it a go. Thankfully, feeling much better today! x Ania
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